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UPA Thug: Where is she?
Schlock: Right now? Two decks down, I think?
Elf: Hello, kitty.
Schlock: Nope. She's not two decks down anymore.

The Angel halted just past the Rifle. It stared at her for a moment. She could feel its bottomless ferocity and anger through its AT-Field. She knew the killing blow would come in seconds. 'I am sorry, my friends. I would have liked to stay with you longer. I hope NERV survives this day so that I might see you again. I... I love you both...'
A black and purple blur flew out of the air and smashed onto the Angel's head. Its AT-Field was oriented toward Unit-01, so there was nothing to stop the blur from crashing down right onto it and knocking it to the ground. The shape bounced back off it, landing behind it.
Unit-03 raised its Progressive Knife and pointed it at the Angel. "Get away from my friend," two voices said in unison from the Entry Plug.
Shinji and Asuka, Advice and Trust, chapter 7

All that went through her mind the instant between the click and the sound of breaking glass.
Sunlight streamed in through a broken window and torn draperies. The two gunmen leaped back, avoiding the rays. A speeding figure was already inside the hall. Buffy saw a blur of blue reaching out to the guy who had been behind her, tearing the gun from his hand, compacting it impossibly into a small sculpture of twisted metal, and backhanding him so hard he somersaulted down the hall.

I lifted my staff and slammed it down on the floor, forcing an effort of will through it to focus the energy of the blow into a far smaller area than the end of the staff. It struck the stone floor, shattering a chunk the size of a big dinner platter with a detonation almost indistinguishable from thunder. Another effort of will sent a rolling wave of silent fire, no more than five or six inches high, down the tunnel floor, in a red carpet of my very own.
I strode down it, Ramirez beside me, the fire rolling back away from our feet as we went, boots striking the stone together. We entered the cavern and found it packed with pale and startled beings, the entire place a wash of beautiful faces and gorgeous wardrobes—except for twenty feet around the entrance, where everyone had hurried away from the blazing herald of our presence.
"Vittorio Malvora!" I called, my voice ringing with wrath in the echoing cavern. "Madrigal Raith! I am Harry Dresden, Warden of the White Council of Wizards. Under the Unseelie Accords, I accuse you of murder in a time of peace, and challenge you, here and now, before these witnesses, to trial by combat." I slammed my staff down again in another shock of thunder, and Hellfire flooded in the runes of the staff. "To the death."
Utter silence fell on the Deeps.
Damn, there ain't nothing like a good entrance.
— Harry Dresden, White Night

"A HERO ARRIVES IN THE NICK OF TIME!" A boxy red shape punched out to stand on top of the tilting structure's roof. "A hero strikes when least expected! The enemy of all that is good, the ones who wants to destroy this world that is made of love! And peace! Will never escape from justice! Specially in the moment that he feels safe, he will know! There is nowhere to hide! The name for this! IS DYNAMIC ENTRY!"
Mana Kirishima, Shinji And Warhammer 40 K

Dev, Kal, Captain Action, Action Boy, the two Flashes, and Joanie Swift were lying on the floor of the chamber as if they were dead, and Darkseid’s eyes were blazing red.
He’d gotten them. He’d nailed them with his Omega Effect. Even the super-speedsters among them, he’d hit.
Darkseid had enough time to hear a scream of terrible rage before a freight train in blue, yellow, and red hit him and smashed him into a wall, and halfway through it.

Her gaze turned elsewhere as she saw a glint of metal. Another of the men had pulled out a gun, aiming it at the scuffling girl. Emma tried to find her voice, to cry out a warning…
—until a second figure, in a bright red hoodie, fell from the rooftops to kick the gunner in the face. The man staggered, spinning in place, as the interloper landed in a crouch, and rose with an uppercut, fist covered in red light.
The fist connected, and the gunner did a flip in the air, before crashing back down against the floor, face first.


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