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Seonga: This isn't a movie or something!
Frost: It's a comic, isn't it...
— An exchange when Seonga finds out Frost is planning to break into a client's house.

"A person without hobbies is like a building without plumbing."
Dr. Frost

"If not wanting to go to school is considered an abnormality, that would mean that most of humanity is mentally ill."
Dr. Frost

"Experiencing anxiety in front of other people is one of the most common types of behavior in Korean society, where people are so concerned about what others think. The fear caused by the desire to “look cool” or the thought “I’m not perfect," can be greater and more painful than you think. But as long as we’re human, no one can be perfect."
Frost on his views on how pressure from others and excessive concern of others' opinions can impact anxiety.

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