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Quotes / Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male

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Interviewer: It seems the women in Oglaf tend to be the bullies and have the last laugh. Is this comic your cruel way to thrash and make fun of us men?
Cooper: No way! It’s just that jerks are funny. Girl jerks are… well, they’re no funnier, I guess, but if you’re doing hetero sex comedy, the other option is woman-as-victim. Doing that and not having it bleak and horrible would need a delicate touch, and hey! Fuck that! That sounds waaaaay too hard. Girl jerks. Easier than working.
Trudy Cooper in an interview (NSFW)

Nathaniel: I cannot slap you back! Because you are a lady!
Rebecca: That clearly is a double standard!
Both: But it's probably for the best.

Elliot: Nobody's going to buy that [we broke up amicably]. We should say you threw stuff at me and chased me out of my own house.
Sarah: Oh, sure, make me the crazy one.
Elliot: Well, we can't say I threw stuff at you. I'm a guy. People would flip out.

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