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Quotes / Doom It Yourself

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"Right," said Fred, "'ave to take the wall down,
That there wall is gonna have to go."
Took the wall down, even with it all down, we was goin' nowhere,
And so we had a cuppa tea.

And Charlie had a think, and he said, "Look, Fred,
I've got a sort of feelin',
If we remove the ceilin'
With a rope or two, we could drop the blighter through."

"All right," said Fred, climbing up a ladder
With his crowbar gave a mighty blow.
Was he in trouble, half a ton of rubble
Landed right on top of his dome!
So Charlie and me had another cuppa tea
And then we went home.

"This happens all the time. People are constantly destroying their antiques, because suddenly, they're restoration experts!"
Rick Harrison, Pawn Stars

Yahtzee: It's like when people give me shit for buying an Alienware PC. Saying, 'Euyuhhh, you'd get it a lot cheaper if you built it yourself.' Well, that's great! I could also get smoked venison a lot cheaper if I hunted deer and cooked it myself, but I consider some skills beyond me.

We repair what your husband fixed"
— Seen on a repairman's truck.


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