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Various quotes from DOOM (2016).

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    Samuel Hayden 
"I'm willing to take full responsibility for the horrible events of the last 24 hours, but you must understand - our interest in their world was purely for the betterment of mankind. Everything has clearly gotten out of hand, yes, but it was worth the risk. I assure you."

"I feel I should apologize for what's happened here... some of my employees took things too far. Olivia was the cause of all of this and I believe... you... will have to deal with her in time. You may not agree with our research but know this: we exploited Hell and its resources because it was in mankind's best interest to do so. What you see now in this facility is the cost. Of progress. Hmph. But none of that matters now."

"Your affinity for guns is apparent. I'm confident you'll find something useful there as well."

"You've won - it's over. You stopped the invasion and closed the portal. But it's come at a price - Argent, VEGA. This entire operation. You see, I've watched you work; come to understand your motivation. You think the only way is to kill them all - leave nothing behind - and you may be right; but we can't just shut it all down. Without Argent Energy it will be worse. I don't expect you to agree. (takes the Crucible) But with this we can continue our work. I am not the villain in this story. I do what I do because there is no choice. Our time is up. I can't kill you - but I won't have you standing in our way. Until we see each other again."

    Olivia Pierce 
"I believe in honesty... especially now, in what will be your final moments in this world. All the rumors... the human sacrifices... the Hell portal... the demons... it's all true. My sisters and brothers, be thankful. You will be the first. You will have a seat alongside them as I will in what will become the new world they create for us. Starting now."

"Fellow disciple, this message has been sent to you in recognition of your service to the Lazarus Project. I am Olivia Pierce. You have been granted the highest level of clearance we allow at the Lazarus Project, and as such you are expected to partake in all rituals, sacrifices and vivisection programs (both demon and human) as requested - whether as a practitioner of the dark arts or as a patient of a cleansing. As we work tirelessly to open the gates to Hell, remember our mantra: 'The science will cleanse us.'
"Our recent expedition to the Great Steppe resulted in the retrieval of new tablets which will help us further decode the Helix Stone. I must reiterate again the importance of fully decoding this stone. The scriptures tell us that it holds the key to both realizing our future and destroying us - so we must know it before the enemy. The enemy will come and we must be ready. While we are decoding the latest artifacts and relics, there will be no rest, no leave and no sleep. We must succeed. Our lives mean nothing. Opening the gate is everything."
Codex: Environments: Lazarus Labs: An Important Message

"This Hell Wave will redirect the course of mankind. On this day we make our contribution to their cause. Our salvation lies with them!"
Just before activating the Hell Wave in Lazarus Labs

"Some of you in a previous life may have held childish notions of God and the kingdom of heaven. This ugly representation of a spiritual nirvana was designed to control you, to placate your natural feelings of hate and rage, to subdue your realization of your place in this universe. By embracing science, you took the first steps towards freedom from these intellectual chains. By dedicating yourself to the development of Argent Energy, you cemented your place in the next age.
"Now let us tell you about the real heaven.
"The real kingdom of the gods is a place that you will never reach, and you should never wish to. No human will ever visit the sacred ground of Argent D'Nur, unless they are made a god by the dark lords. Humanity's only purpose, and reward, is to serve the ascension of the Imperatrix and protect the Crucible. You will be destroyed by the demons, while I will be made a god. My immortality is assured, while you will writhe in perpetual agony at the bottom of the darkest hole in Hell. You will be forgotten. Your life, your loved ones, your achievements and failures are nothing. A blank space on the canvas of time.
"Thank you for your service. May you rot in Hell."
Codex: Environments: Argent D'Nur: A Farewell

"They promised much..."
Just before becoming the Spider Mastermind

    Slayer's Testament 
"In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon, his soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, he chose the path of perpetual torment. In his ravenous hatred he found no peace; and with boiling blood he scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him. He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, and those that tasted the bite of his sword named him... the Doom Slayer."

"Tempered by the fires of Hell, his iron will remained steadfast through the passage that preys upon the weak. For he alone was the Hell Walker, the Unchained Predator, who sought retribution in all quarters, dark and light, fire and ice, in the beginning and the end, and he hunted the slaves of Doom with barbarous cruelty; for he passed through the divide as none but demon had before."

"And in his conquest against the blackened souls of the doomed, his prowess was shown. In his crusade, the seraphim bestowed upon him terrible power and speed, and with his might he crushed the obsidian pillars of the Blood Temples. He set forth without pity upon the beasts of the nine circles. Unbreakable, incorruptible, unyielding, the Doom Slayer sought to end the dominion of the dark realm."

"The age of his reckoning was uncounted. The scribes carved his name deep in the tablets of Hell across eons, and each battle etched terror in the hearts of the demons. They knew he would come, as he always had, as he always will, to feast on the blood of the wicked. For he alone could draw strength from his fallen foes, and ever his power grew, swift and unrelenting."

"None could stand before the horde but the Doom Slayer. Despair spread before him like a plague, striking fear into the shadow-dwellers, driving them to deeper and darker pits. But from the depths of the abyss rose the Great One, a champion mightier than all who had come before. The Titan, of immeasurable power and ferocity. He strode upon the plain and faced the Doom Slayer, and a mighty battle was fought on the desolate plains. The Titan fought with the fury of the countless that had fallen at the Doom Slayer's hand, but there fell the Titan, and in his defeat the shadow horde were routed."

"And in his terrible rancor between worlds and through time, the Hell Walker found the wretch who shall not be named, but in his heresy was loyal to his evil cause. The wretch adorned the Doom Slayer in a mighty armor, wrought in the forges of Hell, impenetrable and unyielding. With sword and shield of adamantine strength, the Doom Slayer set to banishing all that were left unbroken by his savagery to the void."

"Yet as the mighty Titan fell and dread engulfed the armies of Doom, the demon priests of the Blood Temples laid a trap to capture this scourge of Hell. Insatiable, even by the vanquishing of the Great One, the Hell Walker sought prey in the tombs of the Blood Keep. And blinded by his fervor, the lure drew him in. The priests brought down the temple upon the Doom Slayer, and in his defeat entombed him in the cursed sarcophagus. The mark of the Doom Slayer was burned upon his crypt, a warning to all of Hell that the terror within must never be freed. There he lies still, and ever more, in silent suffering."

"God rested on the seventh day. But imagine how much further along we would be if he hadn't? The UAC is committed to excellence, that's why we implemented the seven day work week. Now you can achieve greatness alongside your coworkers every day. Let's never stop achieving."
UAC Spokesperson

"Congratulations new advocate! If you are reading this message then you have been promoted to the Foundry Resource team. If you were volunteered for this service, you are joining an elite band of Tier 1 advocates whose work and dedication keeps our mission running on all cylinders. A s a member of Foundry Resources, you will have access to some of the most advanced equipment the UAC has to offer, including Grip-Ton Cargo Handlers, Delta V Jump-Boots and DynoPhasic Elevators! New members might want to consider applying for an exclusive "team tattoo" upon joining as a sign of faith in our science. Team tattoos are a mark of your tireless work at the UAC, and can be requested by signing up for any of the Lazarus Wave case studies. Please contact a Tier 3 Advanced Weaponry Technician to fill in your application for a pentagram brand today!"
Codex: Environments: Foundry: Foundry Team Manifest

"Should you find yourself caught in a level 3 demon contamination event, it is important that you remain clam. A Tier 3 advocate wouldn't panic, and neither should you. [...] Shut down any volatile equipment you may be using. Should you be unable to escape from the demons, it is important that you don't leave that plasma cutter running where it could damage an important piece of machinery. [...] If there is no obvious escape route and you have powered down your equipment, give yourself over to the demon willingly. Studies have shown that infuriating a demon by running away can cause additional frustration in the predator, and that may result in your body being too badly mutilated for useful post mortem study. Simply kneel down, close your eyes, and wait. Remember you can be as useful in death as you are in life."
Codex: Environments: Argent Facility: Calm Under Pressure

"Unlike everything else in your life, your work here matters."
Codex: Environments: Argent Energy Tower: Tier Manifest

"Welcome, Tier 3 advocates. You have elevated yourself to the next level of thinking. Your previous notions have been cleansed by science, and you see things now as they truly are. The true power of Argent Energy, under the stewardship of the UAC, will drive us into the next age of mankind. No more secrets, no more hiding. Your journey towards the final Tier begins now.
"Our understanding of pandimensional existence grows each day. As we begin to realize the true power that flows from Hell, we are changed into something much greater than we ever though possible. Your life as a Tier 3 advocate is more than just the work you perform. Spiritual understanding of who we are and what we are meant to become grows with each artifact you catalogue, each weapon you prototype, and each heretic you convert. The FEAR of Hell is seen for what it really is: False Emotions Appearing Real.
"You have opened your mind."
Codex: Environments: Advanced Research Complex: Tier 3 Manifest

"Rest is important if you are to be a productive advocate. However, down time does not need to be wasted time. When not working on the Lazarus Project, take some time to think about what comes after we open the gates. Where does this devotion and hard work lead? Why are we doing this?"
"To answer that, you must picture yourself transported to the wide open Umbral Plains, or the steps of the great cathedrals of Argent D'Nur, or the glassy shores of the Lake of Fire. Imagine yourself worshipping before the Icon of Sin, in awe of its splendor even as it sleeps till the Call of Ages comes. Envision chanting the names of dark lords in the correct order, empowering them with your rote learning. Fantasize about how it will feel to sense the caress of the Bukavac as it rises from the blood pools of Angrax and strangles the life out of you."
"Now you can return to work advocate, for now you know why we do this."
Codex: Environments: The Necropolis: Why We Must

    Dr. Elena Richardson 
"This is Dr. Elena Richardson, log entry 002 - subject analysis of Doom Slayer. January 24th, 2163. There is no chance that the subject is a demon. We have blood samples pulled from the Mars event that show his blood type is AB positive. He is male with a genome that makes him very much a member of the human race. But the enhanced speed, strength and athleticism would indicate otherwise. But we can see from the blood samples that there are foreign bodies present of unknown origin. I cannot as a contributing member of the scientific community agree with the assumption by some of my colleagues that he is, for lack of a better word, a God. An avenging angel, the right hand of Doom here to save humanity from its sins. But I cannot ignore that the timing of his arrival — the identity of his enemies — the fire and brimstone element to this catastrophe we currently find ourselves in has... it has definitely shaken my scientific resolve."

"This is Dr. Elena Richardson, log entry 005 - subject analysis of Doom Slayer. February 2nd, 2163. Maybe he is a God. Maybe he represents humankind's rage — their will to persevere, to overcome that which would threaten our survival. He is uncompromising, a relentless being of violence, that knows no mention of the hesitation shown by our many leaders and politicians during our time of judgment. Can he overcome them? Alone? If he can't, we, as a species, ALL species, will not survive."

"Elena Richardson, log entry 006. February 9th, 2163. The only thing they fear — is him. We watched as the horde overwhelmed the very best and most advanced machinery and weapons technology that we could muster against the opposition. It was useless, they moved too quickly, they cared not for themselves, only sought out the blood of humanity. They were willing to sacrifice their own to get to the heart of our world. We slaughtered thousands and millions more followed. But then he came — he cut through them like a sickle through a field — his fury surpassing their own. He is faster — more relentless. I believe him now to be more than just a man — he is... DOOM."

"This is Dr. Elena Richardson, log entry 007. March 3rd, 2163. And with him lies our salvation. For as they gain in strength, so do they fall in numbers. The Priests command the armies to the North and South, but he controls the fight. The inner circle of death is where he resides — hunting them at the far reaches of the Earth and beyond. I am a believer now - I feel it is in DOOM that I have faith. The Slayer is the spear that stabs at the heart of our attackers, and those that would seek to harm us should feel warned. For there is only one dominant life form in this universe and it carries a steel barreled sword of vengeance. All hail the coming of the Destroyer — the Slayer's time is now."

    Forces of Hell 
"So you walk eternally through the shadow realms, standing against evil where all others falter. May your thirst for retribution never quench, may the blood on your sword never dry, and may we never need you again."
Corrax Entry 7:17

"They are rage, brutal, without mercy. But you. You will be worse. Rip and tear, until it is done."

"You should not have allowed his location to be discovered. You have failed us."
Demonic Voice to Olivia Pierce

"All falls before the command of Hell, for our power is absolute, our march to victory inevitable. Before our armies, even the Elemental Wraiths of Argent D'Nur were subjugated. In that great victory the Night Sentinels, protectors of the Wraiths, were betrayed by one of their own, and the wretches wept as we devoured their world and took the Well for our devices. None stand against us, for treachery resides in all things and we shall set it free."
Corrax Tablets

"The Night Sentinels stood strong against our legions. Conquest of Argent D'Nur, empowered by the Wraith-energy, was foiled at every turn. Yet in our darkest hour came a lowly Hell priest, Deag Grav, and in his guidance a weakness in a heathen of the Night Sentinels was found.
"The bargain was struck thus: for the return of the Betrayer's only son, lost on the battlefield, Deag Grav must be taken to the source of their power, the Elemental Wraiths. Lead there by the wretched Betrayer, Deag Grav and his cabal set a curse upon the Wraiths as they slept, and used their essence for our own devices. With the power of the Wraiths they formed the Well, that which brings us upon our enemies. Thus, the city of Argent and their false gods fell under the unholy might of the Hell priests.
"For his payment, the Betrayer's son was returned to him in our form, and the Icon of Sin was brought upon the heathens. His vengeance was swift and merciless, for the wages of treachery are suffering.
"With the fall of Argent D'Nur, their realm was taken into ours, their temples and runes, their carved rock and edifice, all was absorbed into our realm and taken as trophies of our triumph."
Ungmar Codex

"When the gate is opened, in the fourth age, when we have risen and the masters have shown us the path, she will be come. A great blessing will be given to the key holder, for they will become one with the master, and in that holy union the power of the dark priest will be unleashed upon the heretics of the Penumbral Plain. The Aranea Imperatrix. Carried in the mind of all who follow, fed from the blood of those who fell, made with bone of rock, iron, steel and sinew. A mighty god to rule over all other gods. One become two become legion."
— Codex: Monsters: Spider Mastermind

    Pinball adaptation 
"Do you even know where you're heading?"
Olivia Pierce, when you complete the "Observe, Repeat" mission.

"Shoot one of the lit redeemer lanes, and I'll give you what you need."
Samuel Hayden, when a redeemer lane is available to activate.

"I am not a supply drone."
UAC public address, if you nudge the table.

"Ball temperature critical."
UAC public address, if the ball is heated up by the reactor meltdown.

"That was...unexpected."
Samuel Hayden, if you drain the ball.

"Now nothing can stop me! I've won."

"The closed. Or is it?"
Samuel Hayden, after you've defeated the Cyberdemon.

    Meta (Out of Game) 
"You are the monster. There is a monster in Doom, and... it's really you."
— Hugo Martin, Creative Director id Software

"So hopes weren't high when Deum opens with the protagonist having to listen to a voice on a computer screen, until 5 seconds into the speech our hero smashes the monitor like a confused gorilla, then starts shooting zombies and never stops."

"While there is a plot going on, the main character couldn't give a half-ounce of deep fried shit. If you really want to know what's going on then pause the game and read all the fluff text in the character and location database, sipping daintily from your delicate pink tea cup full of pussy juice while the game waits patiently for you to strap your bollocks back on and get back in the fray."

"You, meanwhile, are a mythical demon slaying warrior who was being kept in hell's drunk tank after the last time you smashed the place up, awakened to once again show the demons what for and dress up like a Lego astronaut."

"So for this episode Rich, we need to have a nuanced discussion about gameplay mechanics, story integration, and world building. But first... I'M GONNA PUNCH A DEMON IN THE FUCKING FACE!"

Got lots of demons, DOOM it up!
Cock your fucking shotgun, DOOM it up!
Load up all the barrels, DOOM it up!
Shoot 'em in the fucking face! DOOM it up!
Doom-a, Doom-a, Doom-a, DOOM it up!
Doom-y Doom-y doom doom, DOOM it up!
Gonna DOOM it up! Gonna DOOM it up!
Doom-a, Doom-a, Doom-a, DOOM it up!
Fuck yeah! (fuck yeah) (fuck yeah) (fuck yeah)
Doom is loading, DOOM it up!"
Previously Recorded, DOOM it up

"We're demons, lords of darkness and such, but then there was this really angry dude and he just angried so hard we couldn't do anything, we turned Satan into Super Mega King Kong Bezzelboss 5000, but this dude just got more angry and ripped his head off. So we stuck him in a box and we just creep around outside it so we don't make him angry.

What do you mean someone stole the box!?"
— Chaos Epoch, Steam comment

"Dark Souls: You're stuck in a room with demons.
Doom: Demons are stuck in a room with you."
— Squanchy, Steam Review

"I'm not trapped in Hell with you. You're trapped in Hell with ME."
— Anonymous, Facebook

"How does Doomguy not have PTSD?
Not everyone gets PTSD from traumatic events
Because he is the traumatic event"
— Anonymous, /v/

I told them one day I'd become the most powerful being across the dimension. And they told me to go to hell! So you know what? I did.
Jt Music, "Fight Like Hell'


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