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"I think the later Disney films have turned animated movies into baby-sitters. They're films you drop your kids off to see while you go shopping. We don't want to do that. We're interested in trying to reestablish animation as an art form, creating subject matter which will appeal to the adult brain. Economically, there is no good reason to go into classical animation today. In the last fifteen years there have been something like 32 non-Disney animated films made. Four have made money. But you can always spot why they fail. People don't pay attention to story. Or they say they want to be just like Walt Disney. Well, you can't. You have to be different. Or look at Ralph Bakshi. He's a wonderful man, but most of his movies have appealed to the dark side of things. I think the majority of people want to see movies that are uplifting. Remember those old Frank Capra movies? You keep on going back to see them again and again. People want to believe that life is worthwhile."
—Don Bluth, in an interview circa the release of Space Ace

"We haven't been telling better stories than Snow White, and we should be. We're doing the same thing over and over again, but we're not doing it any better. Yet we know enough now so that we should be preparing the films in which the color and the music and the layouts and the backgrounds all change to fit the moods of a story in which everything combines to touch you. The pictures now are entertaining, they're fast-paced, and they're clear. Walt had all those things, and he touched you besides."
— Don Bluth on the state of Disneys films when he worked there

"As it is never a good thing that a child is born prematurely, so it is with producing a film. Development of a script is like the development of a child in the womb; It takes time and must be done right. Building the movie, A Troll In Central Park, taught us this lesson, but indeed, the hard way. I tell you all this in the hope that you might benefit from our foolish mistakes. Scrutinizing your own work is so important, but lets face it, we all are afraid of not measuring up, so we stubbornly cling to our own opinions, shutting out all others. Stanley could have been a richer character with more levels to his personality. Maybe he could have had a dark side, a troll side that he struggled with."
—Don Bluth on A Troll in Central Park in an earlier Toon Talk interview.

"Don Bluth animation is beautiful. But it moves too fast."
Richard Williams on Bluths work

"Director Don Bluth was by far one of the greatest animation gods who ever lived... in The '80s. In The '90s, I think he left his brain at the FUBAR convention, because he churned out some very strange, very mediocre material. The good stuff seemed to end with All Dogs Go to Heaven, and the bad stuff seemed to begin with Rock-A-Doodle.
The Nostalgia Critic's review of Rock-A-Doodle

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