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From Dr. Steel's Manifesto:

Hello, my name is Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel and I'm crazy. At least that's what they tell me. It's a real load off of my mind too. I mean you can get away with pretty much anything if you're bonkers. It really relieves a lot of pressure and responsibility for me.

From Building a Utopian Playland:

We are a people manipulated through fear. And though that is a tried and true method of control, it also generates feelings of hate, violence, and leaves us with feelings of despair, with no constructive focus in life. The time has come for a change. The time has come to make this world a better place.

Music is interesting. It's literally a language, and it is a powerful unifying force. It's a medium that speaks to many, many people, and it creates culture.

What I have found, is that if one aims to influence the world, to change the world, one must do so through entertainment. The media of today is the loudest voice, and it is the most influential. People are tired of bad news, They want entertainment. You entertain someone, and you have their attention.

From Dr. Steel interview, Vision:

People ask me how I can create so much with so little. It is because of Vision. Which may seem a bit ironic, coming from a person who wears dark glasses all the time. A visionary, who's eyes you never see? Ah, but there is a reason that I wear the glasses of a blind man. For I have shut my eyes to the ugly sight of what the world has imposed upon me, and have opened them to the world that I can create. I see a world where the top priority of its people is to have fun, to work for happiness. ...
No, I refuse to accept the ugliness of this world. In the world I see, my eyes are clear, and they see nothing but beauty. [Beat] And robots. Beauty, and robots.

From The Doctor Steel Show, episode 1:

Damn thee, spam! DAMN THEE!

From The Doctor Steel Show, episode 2:

Ooh! Cupcakes are ready!

(To his pet hamster as it eats a cupcake) God, you're weird.

(After taking a bite from a cupcake) That is absolutely disgusting!

From Dr. Steel PSA: Insanity:

Insanity! Oh, how nice it is to be completely out of my mind!

But I'm crazy. Crazy! Bonkers! Out of my mind! Living in my own little world. [Beat] You're invited.

From "Multimedia Symbiosis and the Evolution of Electronic Life" (Paranoia: The Conspiracy Reader, Spring 2005):

These cell phones have outgrown their original use and evolved into multi-headed technological beasts. They're digital cameras, MP3 players, notepads, game units...hell, in Japan they're already using them as personal identification modules which allow you to use your phone as a "credit card". Yes, you can buy a Coke with your cell phone (and be tracked by the government).
This is what I refer to as multi-media symbiosis; a technological evolution taking place within the marketplace where all media will eventually converge into one. At that time, any media property that isn't designed specifically to fit this entertainment octopus will lay dead in the water.

As more technology is developed to work for us, we ironically become more and more dependant on its functionality putting us in the submissive position.
This is the part of the story where Neo wakes up and helps destroy the machines for the good of humanity, right? Wrong.
There will be no great robot war. No Terminator style battle of the machines against humanity. Humanity will go willingly. The machines are making our lives easier. It is, in fact, mankind's laziness that will be the catalyst to a new era devoid of man.

From Steampunk Magazine, Issue #3, Spring 2007:

Embrace the madness and continue to look at the world in a completely different way. The perspective we have been conditioned to experience is only a widely accepted opinion based on misinformation created by the reality engineers whose aim it is to keep us under control.

I would suggest spending at least five minutes each day hopping about like a chimpanzee if at all possible.

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