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Experience has taught me that while declaring a game shitty because of the first few hours is perfectly valid and completely professional, you should never assume that a good game will stay good.

And another condition Infinite seems to have inherited from its forebear is shitty final level syndrome, A.K.A., the "Shinfles".

And then when the game ends, you fucking die! Wow, I guess it was taking my "fuck you, got mine" advice, with an ending that had as much impact as your farts in an elevator - slow, awkward, a little cringe-worthy, and with zero satisfaction for having done the deed. Oh right, there's supposed to be some spoilers here. Turns out Elizabeth is your daughter and you're Comstock. Then a bunch of clones show up and drown you. This happens after you spend twenty minutes with some science babble about a billion billion different doors and you showing up in all of them, a scene set in Rapture from Bioshock 1 which is totally not fanservice guys we swear, and you supposed to feel bad for a baby that was never introduced to the plot thus far and ends up being laughably out-of-place with how much Booker cares about this random little shit he never knew.


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