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Dr. Grace Augustine: So you just figured you'd come here, to the most hostile environment known to man, with no training of any kind, and see how it went? What was going through your head?
Jake Sully: Maybe I was sick of doctors telling me what I couldn't do.

Well it sounds like a sheet of paper, but I guess you're referring to what's on the sheet of paper.

Toph: It looks just like him to me!
Sokka: Thank you, I worked really...[beat]...Why do you feel the need to do that?

Emmett: (signing)...'cause I've been trained to deal with morons like you my whole life.
Toby: What did he say?
Hisao: What are you doing? note 
Rin: I thought you had a heart problem, not an eye problem.
Katawa Shoujo, Rin's route.

Boyd (referring to the handicapped athletes): Can one of these guys play baseball like me? No. Can they highjump like me? No! Can they dunk a basketball like me?
Pelswick: They could smell like you, but unfortunately they showered this month.

Oh, no. What if I went blind? I can't face life if I'm blind! Oh, yeah! I'll rely on my other senses! I'll rely on my sense of humor! I'll say shit like, "So what if I'm blind? At least I don't have to look at your ugly face!" (laughs)
Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson Mysteries

The name of my condition is Cartilage Hair Syndrome Hypoplasia, but you can just call me Billy.

"That's kinda a bummer about Meg. Um, but now that she's, uh, officially disabled, I do have some tips. First of all, everything she does from now on is gonna be inspiring."


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