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Look, it's like this. The government has seen, like - and I'm not even shitting you on this - a five hundred percent increase in hack attempts since your buddy went all apparently dead. And it's not just that. The big mind fucker is that they've almost all been successful. You know how many of the usual attempts get through. Like nothing, man. It's crazy. We're like, really good at keeping our shit locked down tight. We're a government. We're The Man. That's kind of what we do. But whoever started knocking on our firewalls is, like, laughing at us, man. Just taking stuff apart at the code level. At speeds people can't do it - like regular meat people. And we're never hacked the same way twice. So some digital thing is just ripping through our stuff like it's sport, man. Code bleeding and tattered on the ground. Digital slaughterhouse. And people don't write those programs that fast. It just doesn't happen. And these attacks are happening all simultaneously. All hours. All the time. It's an AI, man. Like, a totally ridiculous badass-as-shit AI. Like drop acid on top of acid mindblowing AI. Insane. And so, we look into the list of available, you know, crazy insane AI badasses and our list says Clyde Marcus Bradley, and, like, that's it man. That's who we've got.
Agent Gran, Anti-Hero, by Jonathan Wood

This is the ultimate joy ride, boys and girls, the no-holds-barred way of visiting the Web. You wanna talk about being there? You can't be more "there" than this. If VR was watching a video of the Kennedy assassination, this would be walking beside the limousine and feeling the blood splatter on your face. Holistic Immersion digitizes your body, converts it into pure information and injects it into the Web. There, you reform physically and experience the net in all its glory. For a spinner with more brawn than brains, this can be a godsend, and even if you don't need the physical edge, it's a hell of a rush.
Mage: The Ascension - The Digital Web 2.0

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