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Quotes / Degraded Boss

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Death: Dracula! Belmont just took down Werewolf.
Dracula: FUCKING USELESS-ASS WEREWOLF! I pay that bitch so much money to take down Belmont—TH-THAT'S IT! He just lost his boss status; HE'S NOW A NORMAL-ASS ENEMY! Just like all those axe armors!

"To think [Amalgam would] actually mass-produce that monster!"
Sousuke Sagara, when fighting a Mass-produced Plan-1051 Behemoth in Third Super Robot Wars Z: Tengoku-hen

Franz Rayner: How did you do that?! (kicks Dr. McNinja)
Dr. McNinja: (dodges) Uh... Skillz?
Franz: I've nearly killed you in the past! How are you— Mongo! Come!
(Mongo does a Dynamic Entry and attempts to punch Dr. McNinja)
Dr. McNinja: (uppercuts Mongo into atmosphere) See, I fought you guys enough, you guys aren't level bosses anymore. (lunges at Franz) It's like a video game! Boop! Boop!

"I find it funny that they don't even bother with the boss music this time. It's like they're admitting that he's old news by now."

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