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Quotes / Defiled Forever

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"He touched me! I'm not a virgin anymore!"
Molly, Sailor Moon Abridged ... after Nephrite pokes her in the collarbone.

Gemma: Clay's never gonna want to be inside something that's been ripped up like me.
Tara: Jesus Christ, Gemma, Clay loves you.
Gemma: Love don't mean shit. Men need to own their pussy. His has been violated. He'll find another. It's what they do.
Sons of Anarchy, "Service"

Now that I'm worn you don't want to wear me
Now that I'm torn you don't want to tear me
Now that I'm done you've had your helping
But I'm desperately used, no good to anyone else
Soldier by Bitter Ruin

"Every harlot was a virgin once."
William Blake

Zenovia: (at Athena) "She's no longer the "Virgin" Goddess, Artemis. She's only a mere slave for the orcs to play with and fuck her holes."

Sam: Bishop, I can't marry her. She told me what happened before she joined the Church.
Bishop Archer: She has completely repented.
Sam: She's not clean in my eyes and she never will be.


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