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[Evaristo is seen walking toward the Cavern of The Enchantment, where he seeks to apologize for the acts of hatred he committed against his former friend Isauro]
Evaristo: Isauro, Isauro, ISAURO!!!
The Spirit of Isauro: What the hell do you want?
Evaristo: Are you still mad at me?
Isauro: Yes, you wanted to burn me alive, motherfucker! You burned my pictures! You attacked me! Get out of here!
Evaristo: No, I have come looking for you.
Isauro: What?
Evaristo: Maria died with regrets and I don’t want the same for me.
Isauro: Well, then, do you love me?
Evaristo: Shut up! Everybody is going to hear you!
Isauro: Oh, Evaristo! Around here, nobody cares.
Evaristo: Yes, I love you.
Isauro: So, come here then, it’s been too much nonsense already.
[Evaristo proceeds to clutch his wooden chair]
Isauro: Leave it, you won’t need it.
[Evaristo ambles into the cave to give one final thank you to Isauro]

George's eyes crinkled at the edge as he smiled. "Hello, my dear Jonathan."

Jonathan couldn't say anything, he couldn't form a coherent thought, couldn't force the words out of his throat, couldn't do anything except let tears spill out of his eyes as he collapsed in front of him, hand shooting out to grasp George's, an anchor between the two, giving him just a slight sliver of hope that this might be another anomaly, that his dead father really was in front of him.

"Jojo..." The elder Joestar frowned in concern and kneeled in front of Jonathan, never breaking the hold on his hand, "Why do you weep?"

"Father..." His grip tightened, his head dropped, unable to look into the eyes of the man he knew he failed, "I-I... I am so sorry..."

"Sorry?" The elder Joestar ran a hand through Jonathan's hair, "For what could you be sorry for, my son?"

A choked sob, and then, "I could not save you..."

"Oh, Jojo." George leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Jonathan as best as he could, "What occurred was not your fault, surely you know this. I chose to protect you, so you did not fail me in any way possible. Am I making myself clear?"


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