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Quotes / Dating Do-Si-Do

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-Twitter user andyswift: Nice headshots (on the coffee table in the writers' room). Is that how you choose story lines? Throw darts at them?
-Degrassi writer Ramona Barckert: 1. Throw photos up in the air. 2. Whoever lands touching = that's who dates next.

Ed: What's with Kyle? Why's he so happy?
Mike: First off, he's got that idiot thing going on. And secondly, he was out till 3:00 a.m. doing God-knows-what with my daughter.
Ed: I thought he and Kristin broke up.
Mike: Actually, he's dating Mandy now.
Ed: Kyle pulled off sisters? That's impressive. He'll be telling that story in bars the rest of his life.

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