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Catwoman and Batman Examples

The Trope Namers themselves provide many.
Terry: This kind of thing ever happen to you?
Bruce: Let me tell you about a woman named Selina Kyle...

Catwoman: "[I]t is the world's most fabulous game of cat and blind mouse. I wonder who is really chasing who. I'm the world's greatest thief, but I'll never know if I have truly stolen his heart."

Selina Kyle: “Oh my God. Does this mean we have to fight each other?”
Batman Returns, after Selina and Bruce Wayne, while dancing, learn each other’s Secret Identity

Selina: “Bruce, I would love to live with you in your castle forever just like in the fairy tales.” [Bruce reaches out to touch Selina, but she scratches him across the face.] “I just couldn’t live with myself. So don’t pretend that this is a happy ending.”

Catwoman: Let’s throw caution to the wind. After all, we are two adult human beings. And we’re both interested in the same thing: happiness. I can give you more happiness than anyone in the world.
Batman: How do you propose to do that?
Catwoman: By being your partner in life. I mean, it’s you and me against the world.
Batman: What about Robin?
Catwoman: Well, I’ll have him killedpainlessly. Well, he is a bit of a bore with his “Holy this!” and “Holy that!”
Batman: That does it, Catwoman! I thought you had a modicum of decency, but I erred in my judgment.

Catwoman: Batman, when I get out of jail, will you take me on a date?
Batman: We’ll have plenty of time to think about that. Several years, I’m afraid.
Catwoman: If I were to kiss you, would you think that I was a bad girl?
Batman: No. No, of course not, Catwoman. Kissing is one of the most natural things in the world. Some people kiss almost every day, I’m told.
Robin (offscreen): C’mon, Batman, the police are here!
Catwoman: Boy Blunder!
Batman: Catwoman, may I take a rain check on that kiss?
Catwoman: Certainly, Batman. Any time. [They walk arm-and-arm passed Robin]
Robin: Holy mush!

[Batman and Robin catch Catwoman unmasked, and recognize her as Bruce Wayne's love interest.]
Robin: Holy heartbreak! Miss Kitka!
[Sad music plays as Batman stares heartbroken into the distance.]
Robin: Batman, I...
Batman: Say no more, Robin. It could be... compromising.
Robin: Of course.
Batman: It's just... one of those things, in the life of every crime fighter. It means nothing. Snap on the Batcuffs.

[Whilst Green Arrow and Batman are currently tied to a "Cat Themed" Death Trap, this exchange occurs]
Batman: You've let larceny taint your loveliness, Catwoman.
Catwoman: My pet cats will soon silence that insolent tongue of...did you say lovely?
Green Arrow: Less talk, more utility belts, huh? Are you even listening to me?
[Both continue ignoring Green Arrow]
Batman: Lovely, yes, but evil too. Give up this life of crime Catwoman. Allow me to help...rehabilitate you.
Green Arrow: ...wait, are you two flirting?
Catwoman: Aww. Always trying to declaw me Batman. Which is why I must clip your wings. Permanently.
Batman: Not if I collar you first.
Green Arrow: You are! You're flirting! Flirterers!
[After they break free and Catwoman escapes]
Green Arrow: Ugh. You have so got the hots for her.
Batman: Nonsense. My only interest in her is rehabilitation.

[Batman and Catwoman are caught in the middle of a Foe Yay filled altercation]
Black Canary: *Ahem* Are we interrupting something? 'Cos it sure looks like we're interrupting something.
Batman: Huntress. Black Canary. I was just... we were just...I can handle Catwoman on my own.
Huntress: So we see, Romeo.

Mook 1: Why does Batman goes after us and not Catwoman ? I mean, she's a thief like us, no ?
Mook 2: She's prettier than you.
Mook 3: Not like that!

Bat-Mite: "No offense—I mean, you're my hero and all—but relationship advice? From you?! 'Oh, Catwoman... Let me kiss you! I mean arrest you! I mean kiss you! I mean arrest you!'"

Chase Meridian: "You like strong women. I’ve done my homework. Or do I need skin-tight vinyl and a whip?"

Catwoman: It’s too bad we couldn’t get to be better friends, Mr. Wayne. A good parole officer should be also be a friend.
Bruce: I’d like to be your friend.
Catwoman: There’s no room for another man in my life, Mr. Wayne. You’re nice, but my heart belongs to Batman. Bye.

Catwoman: "My real prey is, and shall always be, Batman."

With nine lives, it had to happen sooner or later... I got everything I ever wanted—including a handsome prince and a bad-ass reputation as the woman who beat Brainiac. And I must say... I was bored to death. Bruce and I worked better when we were forbidden. When the masks were on and the claws were out. That honeymoon was over, so I did the best thing for both of us. I'm not sad. I didn't become Catwoman to bag Bruce Wayne. I don't ever want to rely anyone but myself. I'll go where I want to go, take what I want to take. And never, ever look back.
Injustice 2, Catwoman Arcade Ladder ending

Other Examples

Red Arrow: (to Aqualad) Take Sportsmaster. Cheshire's mine!
Cheshire: Mmm, so territorial and only our third date.

Cheshire: Why, Arrow! If you wanted another date, you only had to ask.
Artemis: You two are dating?!
Red Arrow: What? No!
Cheshire: Ugh. Why deny the attraction?

"I was an Avenger once. And the day they made it official—everyone could tell I was freaking out. Like, I was in way over my head. So, Captain America, he takes me aside. He puts his hand on my shoulder, looks me straight in the eye, and says: ‘Scott, I'm sure right about now you're doubting yourself. Don't. This is a great responsibility of course, but there's just one rule, above all the others, that you need to keep in mind—one rule that can never be broken, no matter what—and no matter how many times Tony Stark may tell you otherwise—if you want to be an Avenger you do not sleep with the super villains.’ I'm so sorry, Captain America."

Martine: (on other end) Who is this?! Who has Gunter's phone!?
Gunter: (chidingly) Gunter does. I am a very good boyfriend. Even if you shoot me, I still call!

Chibs: (to his sheriff girlfriend) You're a cop, and I'm a criminal. I'm never gonna tell you about my business and you sure as shit aren't gonna tell me yours. So no, we won't be taking strolls down main street hand in hand picking out furniture, and whatever shite normal couples do. I like you, the sex is great, and when you're not tearing apart every moment that we're together, you're actually a lot of fun. (They push each other, slap each other and then have sex.)

Shasta: I'm his wife!
Alcatraz: You're his enemy.
Alcatraz Series, about Shasta and Attica

Laurie (Silk Spectre II): What’s this? [Takes out a framed, signed picture of a woman]
Dan (Nite Owl II): That? Oh that isn’t anybody. It’s just this vice queen I put away back in ’68. Called herself Dusk Woman or something.
Laurie: The Twilight Lady. She sent you her picture?
Dan: Yeah, well, I guess she had sort of a fixation. She was a very sick woman. I keep meaning to throw that picture away, but you how it is …
Laurie: Mmm.

When I decreed that you should "totally smash" the followers of Loki, this wasn't what I meant.

Shannon: My arch-enemy's heart,
Is crying, to the moon
I should fight, and destroy him
But I can't help but swoon
Rad: I'm a good guy, you're a bad one
I know that's your role,
But to my surprise I've seen you've been programed
with a soul
Shannon: And though my circuits tell me to smash
your head in with a mace
All I can think about is kissing your face!
Both: We're Star-Crossed Lovers,
And we should, be apart
But no more punches from us,
Only tender love and heart
OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, "Rad Likes Robots"

“It seems you’re hoping I’ll fall madly in love with you,” Hawkmoth said one night in bed, after they’d thoroughly exhausted one another. His arm was around her, and he sounded amused at the idea. “That I’ll give all this up for you.”
Nathalie snorted. “As though you’re not hoping I fall madly in love with you and, what, become your faithful right hand in your quest for world domination?”
“The thought does appeal,” Hawkmoth murmured. “I wonder which of us will prevail?”
— The fanfic A Wolf by the Ear (spoilers for canon)


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