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Doctor: "Captain Atom?" What kind of name is that? What's wrong with a snappy one word name? The only way he can feel important is to use a title?
Hawksmoor: You mean like Doctor?
Captain Atom: This one's called "Voodoo". All these blunt, one-word names. I don't get it. No pizzazz. No style.
Captain Atom: Armageddon #4

"Name wild, Captain mild," as my father used to say. Those who select the most ferocious of names are without exception the ones least worthy of them.

Are you new to this line of work? Do you have a clever name like "Grifter"? One that sounds hip at first until you realize it's trying too hard?

Superman: Grifter, take your friend hiding there in the rafters—
Deathblow: Deathblow.
Superman: Seriously?
Superman Annual #1 (2012)

DUUUUUUUUUUDE you know what would be totally hardcore? If there was a comic that didn't feature any of those stupid 'dialog balloons' or 'plot points.' It just had a guy SHOOTIN' STUUUUUUUFF! We could call it BLOODGUN! YEAH!
90's Kid, in Linkara's review of Cable #1

Superman was never hardcore, he'll never last like characters like Bloodsport and Bloodaxe, and other characters with "Blood" in their name.

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