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    Anime and Manga 
"Your drill is the drill that's gonna pierce the heavens!"

    Comic Books 
Wendy Harris (Proxy): What if I don't want to be a hero...
Barbara Gordon: It's time for Wendy Harris to decide what she wants to do with her future. Firewall is upgraded and ready to go whenever you are. Batgirl will be out on patrol soon. You have the ability to be so much more than you believe you can be.
Proxy: Look, Barbara...
Barbara: Goodnight, Ms. Harris.

"I believe in an idea. An idea that a single individual who has the right heart and the right mind; who is consumed with a single purpose; that one man can win a war. Give that one man a group of soldiers with the same conviction; and he can change the world. You boys know where I can find some men like that?"
Captain America to the Howling Commandos while storming the beaches of Normandy

So, way I see it, you've got two options. One, you can continue to wallow in self-pity over the fact that you couldn't save New Krypton from a power-stealing, world-shattering blast. Or two, you could get out of bed and go save whoever you can. Your choice, Kara, but you might ask yourself, what would your people want you want to do?

"Someone needs to save the world. You're someone. Do the math."
— Solicitation blurb for Young Avengers (vol. 2) #1

"Doom has asked you to live on your knees. Every day of your life, he's beaten you as you lie there. What do you do? You stand up. What time is it, Ben Grimm? WHAT TIME IS IT?"
Thanos, Secret Wars (2015) - Siege

Corporal Newman: (exhausted) Don't know how much longer I can do this. How much longer I can keep fighting.
Captain America: (appears in a doorway) How long can you do this? How long can you fight the enemies of freedom? Fight tyranny? How long can you fight hate? As long as we can stand, soldier. As long as we can draw a breath.
Corporal Newman: CAPTAIN AMERICA?!
Captain America: (handing the corporal his helmet) Stand up, Corporal. You're going to need this.
Captain America: The Chosen

Medusa: What are we forever seeking? Only ourselves. And when we find ourselves - when we know ourselves, through our gifts - we can find each other. And find that place where we belong.
Flint: But - I already know what my gift is -
Medusa: Do you? Look up, Flint. We're passing Pluto.
Flint: ... No way.
Medusa: "The bigger, the better." Pluto is around 1,500 miles across, with a mass of over one quintillion tons. Pick it up.

Nix Uotan: Don't you get it? We're all gonna die and the superheroes can't save us this time! They're as useless as my stupid drawings...
Mystery Guy: If your superheroes can't save you, then maybe it's time to think of something that can. If it don't exist, dream it up. Then, make it real.

Announcer: That's right! Who here is willing to take on the invincible Crusher?! Who here has what it takes? If you do, if you think you can take the crusher down, we have five hundred dollars cash money american for you! Five hundred dollars for the man who can take our crusher down!


    Films — Animation 
"You guys are so talented and imaginative... but you can't work as a team. I'm just a construction worker, but when I have a plan and we were working together, we could build a skyscraper. Now you guys are Master Builders. Just imagine what you could do if you did that! ...You could save the universe!"
Emmet, The LEGO Movie

Hugo: Okay. Okay, Quasi. We'll leave you alone.
Victor: After all, we're only made out of stone.
Laverne: We just thought maybe you were made of something stronger. (The gargoyles turn back into stone.)

    Films — Live-Action 
"Goro can be killed, and Shang Tsung's power can be destroyed by Mortal men and women. You can overcome any adversary, no matter how bizarre their powers may seem; there is always a way. Only one thing can defeat you: Your own fear."
Raiden, Mortal Kombat

We sit in the house, and slowly the world we are living in is getting smaller, and all we say is, "Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster and my TV and my steel-belted radials and I won't say anything. Just leave us alone."

Well, I'm not gonna leave you alone. I want you to get mad!

I don't want you to protest, I don't want you to riot; I don't want you to write to your congressman, because I wouldn't know what to tell you to write. I don't know what to do about the depression and the inflation and the Russians and the crime in the street. All I know is that first, you've got to get mad! You've got to say, "I'm a HUMAN BEING, GOD DAMN IT! My life has VALUE!"

So I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, "I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!"
Howard Beale, Network

"Remember kid, there's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong."
Babe Ruth, The Sandlot

"We can climb outta hell one inch at a time. Now I can't do it for ya; I'm too old. I look around, I see these young faces and I think, I mean, I've made every wrong choice a middle-aged man can make. I've pissed away all my money, believe it or not. I chased off anyone who's ever loved me. And lately, I can't even stand the face I see in the mirror. You know, when you get old, in life, things get taken from you. I mean, that's...that's a part of life. But, you only learn that when you start losin' stuff. You find out life's this game of inches, so is football. Because in either game—life or football—the margin for error is so small. I mean, one half a step too late or too early and you don't quite make it. One half second too slow, too fast and you don't quite catch it. The inches we need are everywhere around us. They're in every break of the game, every minute, every second. On this team we fight for that inch. On this team we tear ourselves and everyone else around us to pieces for that inch. We claw with our fingernails for that inch. Because we know when add up all those inches, that's gonna make the fucking difference between winnin' and losin'! Between livin' and dyin'! I'll tell you this: in any fight it's the guy whose willing to die whose gonna win that inch. And I know, if I'm gonna have any life anymore it's because I'm still willing to fight and die for that inch, because that's what living is, the six inches in front of your face."
Tony D'Amato, Any Given Sunday

Steve Rogers: At least they're letting me do something. Philips would have made me a lab rat.
Peggy Carter: And are those your only choices? Dancing Monkey or Lab Rat? You know you were meant for something greater.

Peter Quill. This is Denarian Saal of the Nova Corps. For the record, I advised against trusting you here. Prove me wrong.

"Are you up for this? Are you? Look, I just need to know because the city is flying. Look, okay? The city is flying, we're fighting an army of robots... and I have a bow and arrow, none of this makes sense. But I'm going back out there because it's my job. Okay? And I can't do my job and babysit. It doesn't matter what you did or what you were, if you go out there, you fight and you fight to kill. Stay in here, you're good, I'll send your brother to come find you, but if you walk out of that door... you are an Avenger."

"'You little pussy.' ...That's what my father, your grandfather, always used to call me. And because of that, I killed all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons. Now, I'm never going to do you the disservice of calling you anything but your name, Henry... but you have to make a decision. Are you just going to lie there with that blood in your mouth, or are you going to get up, spit it out, and spill theirs?"
Henry's Father, Hardcore Henry

"Haven't you heard, Mr. Becket? The world is coming to an end. So where would you rather die? Here, or in a Jaeger?"
Marshal Slacker Pentecost, Pacific Rim

"This is your destiny. This is your time."

"You lost today, kid. But that doesn't mean you have to like it."

"There are times for falling apart, and there are times for gettin' funky. This is one of them funky times. So what's it gonna be? You ready to play some funky music, white boy?"
Undercover Brother to Lance, Undercover Brother

"Working hard is important. But there is something that matters even more, believing in yourself. Think of it this way; every great wizard in history has started out as nothing more than what we are now: students. If they can do it, why not us?"

Colossus: Four or five moments. That's all it takes.
Deadpool: To?
Colossus: Be a hero. Everyone thinks it's a full-time job. Wake up a hero. Brush your teeth a hero. Go to work a hero. Not true. Over a lifetime, there are only four or five moments that really matter. Moments when you're offered a choice, to make a sacrifice, conquer a flaw, save a friend, spare an enemy. In these moments, everything else falls away.

"Stand like an oak,' cried Marcus,
'Stand like a Roman wall!
Eldred the Good is fallen—
Are you too good to fall?"

"When we were wan and bloodless
He gave you ale enow;
The pirates deal with him as dung,
God! are you bloodless now?"

To exist is to be something, as distinguished from the nothing of nonexistence.
Galt Speech, Atlas Shrugged

"Caution is the path to mediocrity. Gliding, passionless mediocrity is all that most people think they can achieve."

    Live-Action TV 
"10-to-1, we're gone when the smoke clears. They will do everything in their power to destroy us. So...I need you to be sure. Power endures. We can't bring down the Senior Partners, but for one bright, shining moment, we can show them that they don't own us. You need to decide for yourselves if that's worth dying for. I can't order you to do this. I can't do it without you. So we'll vote. As a team. Think about what I'm asking you to do, think about what I'm asking you to give."
Angel, Angel

"If I did give you power, then you've got nothing! Nobody 'gives' you power. Real power is something you take!"
Jock Ewing, Dallas

Eddie: I just think it's funny. I was born a loser, but you're one by choice.
Mulder: On what do you base that astute assessment?
Eddie: Experience. (leans forward) You should live a little. Treat yourself. God knows I would, if I were you.
The X-Files, "Small Potatoes"

"You said you loved him. Are you brave enough to act on it?"
Molly Blaine, The Unit, "Pilot"

"Listen to me. In ten minutes you're going to be a legend. In ten minutes, everyone on that screen will be offering you any job you want but first you have to be magnificent. You have to make them trust you and get them working. This is it, Jeff, right here right now: This is when you fly. Today's the day you save the world. Oh, and delete your Internet history."
The Doctor, "The Eleventh Hour"

Guinan: May I speak to you, Captain?
Riker: Actually, Guinan, I-
Guinan: You know, Picard and I used to talk every now and again, when one of us needed to. I guess I'm just used to having the Captain's ear.
(She sits in Picard's chair)
Riker: What's on your mind?
Guinan: I've heard a lot of people talking down in Ten Forward. They expect to be dead in the next day or so. They trust you. They like you. But they don't believe anyone can save them.
Riker: I'm not sure anyone can.
Guinan: When a man is convinced he's going to die tomorrow, he'll probably find a way to make it happen. The only one who can turn is around is you.
Riker: I'll do the best I can.
Guinan: You're going have to do something you don't want to do. You have to let go of Picard.
Riker: Maybe you haven't heard. I tried to kill him yesterday.
Guinan: You tried to kill whatever that is on the Borg ship. Not Picard. Picard is still here with us in this room. If he had died, it would be easier. But he didn't. They took him from us a piece at a time. Did he ever tell you why we're so close?
Riker: No.
Guinan: Well, then let me just say our relationship is beyond friendship, beyond family. And I will let him go. And you must do the same. There can only be one Captain.
Riker: It's not that simple. This was his crew. He wrote the book on this ship.
Guinan: And the Borg know everything he knows. It's time to throw that book away. You must let him go, Riker. It's the only way to beat him. The only way to save him. And that is now your chair, Captain.
Star Trek: The Next Generation, "The Best of Both Worlds: Part II"

Malcolm: You know what? I'm glad. This is appropriate! Now my life looks exactly how I feel! How could you screw me over like that?!
Lois: Because you were going to take that job, and we are not going to let you throw your life away!
Malcolm: How is being rich throwing my life away?!
Lois: Because it's not the life you're supposed to have! The life you're supposed to have is you go to Harvard, and you earn every fellowship and internship they have! You graduate first in your class and you start working in public service- either district attorney or running some foundation- and then you become Governor of a mid-size state and then you become President.
Malcolm: What?!
Lois: Of the United States.
Malcolm: Dad...!
Hal: I'm sorry, son. It's true.
[Malcolm looks at his brothers, who all nod in agreement]
Francis: Thought you knew.
Hal: Our expectations started out much smaller, but you just kept upping the ante.
Malcolm: What if I don't want to be President?!
Lois: It's too late for that, you're gonna do it!
Malcolm: Really?! Have you decided my position of capital gains tax cuts?! What are my foreign policy objectives?!
Lois: That doesn't matter. What does matters is that you will be the only person in that position who will ever give a crap about people like us! We've been getting the short end of the stick for thousands of years and I, for one, am sick of it! Now you are going to be President, mister, and that's the end of it!
Malcolm: Did it ever occur to you that I could have taken this job, gotten really rich and bought my way into being President?!
Lois: Of course it did. We decided against it.
Malcolm: WHAT?!
Lois: Because then you wouldn't be a good President. You wouldn't have suffered enough.
Malcolm: I've been suffering all my life!
Lois: I'm sorry, but it's not enough. You know what it's like to be poor and you know what it's like to work hard. Now you're going to learn what it's like to sweep floors and bust your ass and accomplish twice as much as all the kids around you. And it won't mean anything because they will still look down on you, and you will want so much for them to like you and they just won't. And that'll break your heart, and that'll make your heart bigger and open your eyes, and finally you will realize that there's more to life than proving you're the smartest person in the world! I'm sorry, Malcolm, but you don't get the easy path. You don't get to just have fun and be rich and live the life of luxury.
Hal: That's Dewey.
Dewey: Really?
Malcolm: This is unbelievable! You actually expect me to become President?! No, no, I'm sorry- you expect me to be one of the greatest Presidents in the history of the United States!
Lois: You look me in the eye and tell me you can't do it.
Malcolm in the Middle, "Graduation"

We can beat them, just for one day
We can be Heroes, just for one day
David Bowie, "Heroes"

Some people settle for the typical thing
Livin' all their lives waitin in the wings
It ain't a question of 'if', just a matter of time
Before I move to the front of the line
—"Stand Up", Power Line

Here's to the heroes, those who move mountains
Here's to the miracles they make us see
Here's to all brothers, here's to all people
Here's to the winners all of us can be
—"Winners", Frank Sinatra

If you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted, one moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

Would you like to swing on a star?
Carry moonbeams home in a jar,
And be better off than you are
Or would you rather be a mule?
A mule is an animal with long funny ears
Kicks up at anything he hears
His back is brawny but his brain is weak
He's just plain stupid with a stubborn streak
(And by the way, if you hate to go to school
You may grow up to be a mule)
Bing Crosby, "Swinging On A Star"

You gotta go and reach for the top
Believe in every dream that you got
You're only living once so tell me
What are you, what are you waiting for?
You know you gotta give it your all
And don't you be afraid if you fall
You're only living once so tell me
What are you, what are you waiting for?
Nickelback, "What Are You Waiting For?"

    Professional Wrestling 
"As long as we're spouting statistics, can I lay one on you? Can I give you a number? Two, nine. Two nine, 29. The total accumulative days I held the WWE Championship during my three title reigns. And guess what, Punk, all these years later, no one cares. You wanna be a statistic, or do you wanna be a legend!? No one cares about dates! What they care about are the moments, that go on to define us. The moments of greatness, and in my estimation, as someone who is still relevant, you need one more."
Mick Foley to CM Punk, Monday Night Raw — Sept. 24, 2012

    Tabletop Games 
"In the Camarilla, more vampires survive past a century than in the Sabbat. You can even seek to join them if you wish. All you give up is your only real chance at survival when our true enemies appear, you freedom to choose your own destiny and the precious support the Vinculum provides. Yes, you can exist indefinitely as the Antediluvians' pawn and the prince's slave... or you can remain here, burning more brightly and becoming far, far more than what they allow. Those who persist in our grand conflict reach heights of mastery that no humanity-fearing vampire, let alone any prey, can imagine. You gamble your existence. Would you have it any other way?"
Vampire: The Masquerade - Clanbook: Lasombra (Revised)

This is my quest
To follow that star
No matter how hopeless
No matter how far
To fight for the right
Without question or pause
To be willing to march into Hell
For a heavenly cause
—"Impossible Dream", Man of La Mancha

    Video Games 
I believe the morning sun
Always gonna shine again and
I believe a pot of gold
Waits at every rainbow's end, oh
I believe in roses kissed with dew
Why shouldn't I believe the same in you?
MOTHER, "Pollyanna"

And they ask 'What is a Hero?'
though the answer's evident,
He's the one who faces death
knowing that his life's well spent.
Quest for Glory II: Trial By Fire

Mission Objective: Be a Badass

"The obvious path is humble, safe, but pays the wage of a cook, not a champion."
Lion Statue, Jade Empire.

They call it a suicide mission. Prove them wrong.
— Tagline in Mass Effect 2 advertising

"You don't win by being lucky - you win by being bold!"
Captain Falcon, F-Zero GX

"The President has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President?"

Become Legend

"Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain, or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!"
Auron, Final Fantasy X

"Americans... Americans, wherever you are. I wish I had words of comfort to give you. Like the warm winds that this Nazi general sent down from above. But from me, you will not get comfort. Only the cold... agonizing... truth. And the truth is, this great nation... has been raped, and pillaged, by the greatest enemy of our time. They ask you to sell your liberty, to purchase your safety... to kneel to the new order, to submit to the winds of change, but my fellow Americans — they that sow the wind... shall reap the whirlwind! You were born in the land of the free! You fought the kings of old and broke them! You gave your lives... for the simplest, but most essential truth of all: Give me liberty, or give me death! In your veins runs the blood of revolutionaries! So tonight, brandish your guns, your knives and your fists! Seek out your oppressors wherever they are and tell them: We don't want nothing. Not a thing from you. Tonight, we show those that sow the wind that we... we are the whirlwind."
Probst Wyatt III, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

"Live, love, burn with life, slay, and survive!"
Conan the Cimmerian, Conan Exiles

Zoss: There's work to be done. What shape will you choose, hm? Will you choose to be a king? Or will you choose to remain as you are? Peasant!
Allison: No. I choose king.

    Western Animation 
"I know how tough it is for you right now, curled up in your own emotional vomit. You're in hell now, Boomhauer, and the only way out is through a long dark tunnel. And you're afraid to go in, cause there's a train coming at ya, carrying a box car full of heartbreak. Well let me tell you something, all you can do is let it hit you, and then try to find your legs. I know, I've taken that hit more times than I can remember. Look at me, Boomhauer. I'm fat and I'm old, and every day I'm just gonna wake up fatter and older. And somehow I manage to drag this fat old bald bastard into the alley everyday. I'm out there, digging holes, falling into them, climbing out, trying again. And tomorrow, I'm gonna hang outside a ladies prison. And the first thing those lady cons are gonna see after twenty years, is me. Will I get one? Experience says no. Will I be out there next month? If I'm alive, you better believe it. (Grabs Boomhauer's shoulder, his voice getting steadily louder) You gotta get back up on that tanning bed, slip into a tight T-shirt, wash off some of that cologne, and get yourself out of that tunnel, and into some strange woman's bed!"
Bill Dauterive, King of the Hill, "Dang Ol' Love"

    Real Life 
"Up, Sluggard, and waste not life; in the grave will be sleeping enough."
Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack (1741)

"Dare! — this word contains all the politics of our revolution."
Louis Antoine de Saint-Just, French Revolutionary

"Everybody want to be the one to strike the head of the tyrant, but not the one to hold the axe."

"A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him."
Ezra Pound

"The use of self control is like the use of brakes on train. It is useful when you find yourself in wrong direction but merely harmful when the direction is right."

"Without heroes we are all plain people and don't know how far we can go."
Bernard Malamud

"Never say 'no' to adventures. Always say 'yes' otherwise you'll lead a very dull life."

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self."

"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn."

"A person who has not been completely alienated, who has remained sensitive and able to feel, who has not lost the sense of dignity, who is not yet 'for sale', who can still suffer over the suffering of others, who has not acquired fully the having mode of existence - briefly, a person who has remained a person and not become a thing - cannot help feeling lonely, powerless, isolated in present-day society. He cannot help doubting himself and his own convictions, if not his sanity. He cannot help suffering, even though he can experience moments of joy and clarity that are absent in the life of his 'normal' contemporaries. Not rarely will he suffer from neurosis that results from the situation of a sane man living in an insane society, rather than that of the more conventional neurosis of a sick man trying to adapt himself to a sick society. In the process of going further in his analysis, i.e. of growing to greater independence and productivity, his neurotic symptoms will cure themselves."
Erich Fromm

"Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it."

"So we shall let the reader answer this question for himself: who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?"
Hunter S. Thompson, The Proud Highway: Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

"If you wind up with a boring, miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on TV telling you how to do your shit, then YOU DESERVE IT."

"In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility — I welcome it. I do not believe that any of us would exchange places with any other people or any other generation. The energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it — and the glow from that fire can truly light the world. And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man."
John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961

"You risk everything, or everything and everyone puts you at risk. Yet, only that which increases freedom will make the choice of authentic Being a reality - only then will the stakes be truly great, when the danger is infinite. Unlike other political theories, the Fourth Political Theory does not want to lie, to soothe or seduce. It summons us to live dangerously, to think riskily, to liberate and to release all those things that cannot be driven back inside."
Alexander Dugin, Russian philosopher

"Can you match my resolve? If so then you will succeed. I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve. It may not be immediate, and often your greater dreams is something you will not achieve within your own lifetime. The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death."
Monty Oum, Animator


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