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Chihiro Fujisaki: Um... n-not to be a bother, but we're, er, all trapped in this place and it would be prudent to find out if there's some means of escape. I-if that's okay, I mean...

Aoi Asahina: I love donuts, especially the ones covered in pink sprinkles, they're so sprinkly and you get them stuck in your teeth sometimes but I don't really care 'cause they're really sweet and chewy and OH MY GOD you get the ones filled with jam...

Kyouko Kirigiri: Chihiro Fujisaki's corpse was moved to the girl's dressing room; but in reality, the crime took place in the boy's room. The reason for this? It's because Fujisaki... is designated male at birth, though I cannot say either way whether they identify as either or any gender but nonetheless their ID recognizes them as male. *deep breath*

Monokuma's sign: Though I enjoy watching high school kids murder one another, people being offended by fictional characters is another thing all together! That is why I am stating for the record that one's genitalia is not an indicator of their gender identity and hope you do not believe otherwise! Thank you and goodnight!

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