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"If you own a monkey that can do a perfect William Shatner impression, you're not going to bother to also train that monkey not to fling poop at people. People will be so eager to see the Original Kirk Monkey that they'll show up even if there's poop everywhere."

"Perhaps the brilliant Kotaku journalists are seeing it as a sign that Nintendo is maturing as a company, which ignores the history of Nintendo always releasing at least one token "adult" game on their console per system, under the anti-artistic assumption that you can only enjoy a video game that has been tailored specifically to your age group (see the past ten years of first-person shooters), as well as ignoring that Nintendo has been doing the worst that they have since the three years the Wii U was released. Nintendo is less maturing and more a dancing bear with a fez, hoping the distraction helps them ignore the fact they have been releasing fucking awful games ever since the Wii U came out, pandering only to their target demographic of fucking idiots and children."

"Like it or not, it sure as shit happend. I'm okay with the fact that it did."
Jimquisition on the dancing Panda at E3 2017

"So many reviews chalked this up as a mediocre game, but when I see I can drive all over the US, I'm wondering why there wasn't a parade in the streets over this. Every criticism you may hear about this game is probably true. It's just that the answer to everything is that you can drive all across the United States. Oh, the handling's not the best? Oh, well, you can drive all across the United States. There's not enough cars to choose from? Well, you can drive all across the United States!"
Ross Scott on The Crew, Ross's Game Dungeon

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