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Spider-Man: I'm Spider-Man. When I'm around, no one dies. That's the new rule.
J. Jonah Jameson: I-I always thought you were a threat. A menace. But I was wrong about you. You'e a @#%* idiot! Get out of my city, you bleeding heart half-wit!
Amazing Spider-Man #656

Peter Parker: When Marla Jameson died, I just couldn't take it anymore. I made a vow. When I'm around, no one dies.
Mary Jane: Peter Parker, I think...that's the stupidest thing you've ever said.
Peter: Hey!
Mary Jane: That's impossible.
Peter: What? I'm impossible. I walk up walls. Bend steel in my bare hands.
Mary Jane: You forget to water the plants and can't parallel park. Yes, sweetie, you're super...but you're still human. People make mistakes. And that vow of yours? No one could live up that.
Amazing Spider-Man #688

Uncle Ken: See you around, web-head.
Judy: Lame.
Uncle Ken: What's so lame about that? Judy, we just saw Spider-Man in action! That's amazing!
Judy: First time I ever get to see a super hero up close. Like, not on TV. And it has to be Spider-Man. Like, why couldn't it have been Thor, Captain Marvel, or Black Panther? Those guys are cool. When they save the day, they save the whole world.
Uncle Ken: Spider-Man does that too.
Judy: Nuh-uh.
Uncle Ken: Yup. He saves a world every single day. Every person out there means the world to somebody. And Spidey's out there risking his neck for all of 'em. Their best friends. Their husbands. Their girlfriends. Their moms. Their uncles.
Judy: Their uncles?
Uncle Ken: Yeah. Everyday Spider-Man saves somebody's uncle.
Amazing Spider-Man #801

There's a perception here that I and others don't/didn't like the marriage or the marriage era stories. And that's simply not true. If I was hired on to write about a married Peter Parker, I would have happily done so. Just I was happy to be hired on to write a Peter Parker who wasn't married. I was happy writing a married Spider-Man when I wrote his appearances in SPIDER-MAN/HUMAN TORCH, SHE-HULK, THING, and AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE. If I didn't enjoy writing a married Spider-Man, I wouldn't have risked dancing through the political minefield that I did to pitch RENEW YOUR VOWS...What I do understand is all of the reasons (political, corporate, what-have-you) why the marriage will not be reinstated into the core comic book continuity version of Spider-Man...Again, you could do a story that resolved OMD without restoring the marriage. You could give Spidey a victory over Mephisto. You could have MJ back in the book as a love interest w/o them being married. But you're not going to see the marriage back in the core continuity. I'm not saying this to be cruel or to belittle anyone's genuine love of that status quo. I'm saying this with complete honesty and frankness. This is what the situation is.

I think the best Spidey story since AF#15 was the Death of Captain Stacy in ASM #90 and its fall out. The best Spidey fight was the two-part Juggernaut battle in ASM #229-#230. The best multi-parter was ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #8-#13 (“Learning Curve”). And the best extended, ongoing storyline was the mystery behind the Hobgoblin. (But my biggest “Guilty Pleasure” was the whole Hammerhead Gang War/Doc Ock marries Aunt May/Spidey builds the Spider-Mobile Saga… ‘cause I was the EXACT right age for that silliness when I was growing up).
Dan Slott, Howdy! The Ask Dan Slott A Question Thread, Spider-Man Crawlspace Forums Sun Nov 04, 2007 7:03 am


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