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"Anything that can be done to a rat can be done to a human being. And we can do most anything to rats. This is a hard thing to think about, but it's the truth. It won't go away because we cover our eyes. THAT is cyberpunk."
Bruce Sterling

"The inevitable collision of punk sensibility — the unrest, the rebellion — with desk-top computers."
Pat Cadigan

"Small minds play big time games, and everybody else pays."
Devo, Some Things Never Change (the theme for a video game based on Neuromancer)

"High tech, low life."
Mike Pondsmith, Cyberpunk 2020 creator on defining cyberpunk.

"We've got the corporate control, news as entertainment, hacker revolutionaries, and class warfare of your typical cyberpunk future but somehow missed out on the android servants."

"It's funny how adherents to cyberpunk, a genre based around futurist ideas of rebellion and non-conformity, so often themselves conform rabidly to cliche. Yes, it's a dystopian mega-city. Yes, everyone who applies for a business license gets a free neon sign. Yes, the city's divided between the nice upmarket district where The Man lives and the hideous slums where everyone with dreadlocks or a shaved head becomes evil and joins a gang, and the rest of the population stands around staring at flaming barrels all day trying to figure out what everyone else sees in it. And the main character has the kind of wildly unnatural hairdo you get from sticking your head in a 7/11 Slurpee machine. Now all we need to fill the cyberpunk checklist is a shitty hacking minigame, a faintly retarded futuristic Christ allegory, and at least one character named Decker. Bish, bash, and Barnaby bosh!"

"The key pillars of the cyberpunk genre are advanced technology, dystopian society, and trenchcoats."
Jane Douglas, Outside Xbox

A glaring neon glow illuminates this street
Breathe in these human vapors, sweat and heavy heat
High tech cathedrals rise and fall in great ravines
Colossal steeples to the gods in the machines
Broken body built anew
Spirit lingers, torn in two
Metal fingers grip my heart so cold
Fossil fuels to slavery, political duplicity
Every great commodity's been sold
Slave to the new black gold
There's a heartbeat under my skin
Search my electric soul
For the hidden man within...