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"That stare will make you so happy that you'll have 4,000,000,000 orgasms in two seconds."
—A random YouTube commenter responding to Ema Skye's wide-eyed smile

"I just died inside...of Cuteness Overload...twas a happy death."
—Another random YouTube commenter on this Voice Clip Song of Yutaka Kobayakawa.

Bonta-kun: Fumoffu!
Gadlight Meonsam: Go away! Don't come any closer, mousebear!
Bonta-kun: Fumoffu!
Gadlight: Pigcat, when you get near me, the balance inside me collapses!
Bonta-kun: Fumoffu!
Gadlight: Could it be that you're also a Sphere Reactor, and causing my will to fight to slip away!?
Bonta-kun: Fumoffu!
Gadlight: Damn it! Damn it all! I give up, I admit it! You're a cute little bastard!
Third Super Robot Wars Z: Jigoku-hen

Bonta-kun: FUMOMO!
Mykage: S-stop! Do not look at me with those wet, round eyes!
Bonta-kun: Fumo?
Mykage: Aaah…! The anger and hatred within me…the 24000-year-old darkness is melting away…
Mykage: Then, adorable beast, I shall fill you with my love!
Bonta-kun: Fu-FUMOFFU!!
Third Super Robot Wars Z: Jigoku-hen

Temmie, upon finding a human

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