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"At that moment, in the town of Coeur d'Coeurs, events occurred that are not, were not, and should never be considered an ending. For endings, as it is known, are where we begin."
Narrator, Pushing Daisies, "Kerplunk" (final line of series)

"[T]his gets at the very real problem with our imagined Season Twenty-Seven. The reality of the era is that large numbers of the people involved were actively checking out. It’s not even clear that Cartmel would have been in charge of Season Twenty-Seven, since he was busily getting head-hunted...McCoy intended to leave at the end of it, Nathan-Turner was desperate to leave at the beginning of it, and Sophie Aldred was definitely on her way out. And as we noticed in Survival, there was already a sense by then that the approach of the McCoy era was reaching its limit and that it was time for another move forward. Thin Ice, in many ways, demonstrates the problems with this. All of the supposed Season Twenty-Seven, in fact, lacks the mad ambition even of Survival, little yet the maniacal epics of Ghost Light or The Curse of Fenric. None of them seem to be trying for the same sort of greatness that the Cartmel era had been routinely achieving in 1989. There is a real extent to which the Cartmel era is remembered better for the fact that it went out at its best. Better, in some ways, to want more than to have it."
Elizabeth Sandifer on "Thin Ice"


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