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"If in a country there are the following ten evils: rites, music, odes, history, virtue, moral culture, filial piety, brotherly duty, integrity, and sophistry, the ruler cannot make the people fight and dismemberment is inevitable; and this brings extinction in train. If a country has not these ten things and a ruler can make the people fight, he will be so prosperous he can attain supremacy."
Lord Shang Yang, The Book of Lord Shang

"Hitler hated painters who were better than him, which is to say, virtually everybody."

"Every week, each television network would secretly produce a list of names of actors, writers, and directors who could not be hired. The list was arbitrary, to say the last. There was, however, a means of expiation for those excluded. A grocery-store owner in Schenectady had made himself the acknowledged authority on Communism by refusing to sell anything advertised on those programs that hired Communists. Simply, a threat from him could deprive you of work; however, if the proscribed actors or writer proved to be genuinely repentant, he could go to Schenectady, much as a sick Catholic might go to Lourdes, and there the Butcher, as we called him, would absolve him if he swore to sin no more."
Gore Vidal, Palimpsest

family values: State-sponsored totalitarian control of women and/or children, characterized by flagrant sexist double standards, authorities turning a blind eye to domestic violence, rape, and pedophilia—but only when men do it, and intolerance of freedom of religion, speech, and assembly, among other undesirable things.
No wonder Bush and the Saudis are so tight!

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?


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