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Joey: (signs autograph) Here we go, "Joey Wheeler".
Fanboy: You mean Jonouchi!
Joey: N-no, I'm Joey Wheeler
Fanboy: No, you Jonouchi-chan! And your best friend is Honda-kun! I'm a fanboy, so I don't watch the dubbed episodes. Gomen nasai!

Stay-Puft: Do you know how good toasted marshmallows taste? I love marshmallows.
Yahtzee: Who is talking here?
Stay-Puft: But, one day I ate too much and realized I had become the marshmallow man. I'll do the same to you.
Yahtzee: (flummoxed) ..what? WHAT? That's—that's not—! ...the story of the Marshmallow Man from the films! They just made some shit up!

Even though Mortahoweveryouspellthatshit flopped hard here in the US, Johnny Depp and his caretaker Amber Heard were sent over to Tokyo to sell that mess... The people of Japan love horror movies, so they should market that shit as the most torturous 107 minutes of cinema ever. The premiere was in Tokyo tonight and Johnny waved at all of his fans while looking like a cross between a hobo Snape and KD Lang as the girl in The Grudge.

In Metal Gear, you must help special agent Solid Snake infiltrate an enemy outpost and disable a supercomputer. (There's a rumor that in the Japanese version of this game, you're actually trying to destroy a big robot. Weird.)
IGN's "Games of 1988"

...when Blaster Master was originally released in Japan, it did not have this completely insane plot. It had a perfectly serviceable generic plot about space empires that was wholly interchangeable with any other plot about space empires or Scientologist holy text. This comprehensible plot was actively removed from Blaster Master so that it could be replaced with the missing giant radioactive frog.

There are two things that need to be made very clear here. First, this was done for America. That is to say, this is not, like most truly bizarre things in video games, able to be written off as 'That's Japan for you.' No, no. Second, it was done deliberately. That means that there was a meeting, somewhere, where a group of people got together and all agreed that this space empire plot has to go, and it should be replaced with a missing giant radioactive frog.

I've said this before, but one of my favorite things that happens to media during localization is when the studio tries to pass it off as taking place in the United States when it very clearly does not. They got away with it pretty easily in the first Ace Attorney game, which just took place in "the city", but as the games got more involved in Japanese mythology they started digging a pretty deep hole for themselves and it was too late to say "just kidding, we're actually in Japan".

So sure, Nine-Tales Vale is totally inhabited by "Japanese immigrants", and also some thousand-year-old Japanese youkai spirits immigrated with them.

If eating pork cheeks in English is an atrocious and disgusting experience, then I cannot talk about pork cheeks being cooked; because we cook them sublimely and enjoy them here. [...] The important thing is that the reader feels the same as the original reader, not that the words are the same. If [a character] ate pork cheeks and he has to eat skewered worms in the Castilian version, skewered worms they shall be.
Cristina Macia, Spanish translator of A Song of Ice and Fire

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