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Gil: I do not understand your strange language, sky woman.
Gil: It is alien to me.
Gil: I live in the grass now.
Gil: I have become one with the grass.

Sister Embers: My name is Sister Embers.
Sister Embers: Second-in-command of the cult of Lord Argaleth.
Sister Embers: And now that I have introduced myself, I have three questions for you.
Sister Embers: One: Who are you?
Sister Embers: Two: What do you think you are doing with my acolyte?
Sister Embers: Three: Why should I not kill you right now?

Crimson Rouge: Oh, hey.
Crimson Rouge: This is a little awkward, I gotta admit.
Crimson Rouge: See, you weren't supposed to turn around.
Crimson Rouge: Don't worry about it, common mistake.
Crimson Rouge: I know how it is, first time experiencing a burglary.
Crimson Rouge: How about you turn back and we can try again?

Maclarren: Drunk people overpaying for drinks is one of my primary sources of income.

(Gil's Narration)
Man, isn't running away from problems the best? It's like one moment you have all these problems, and then the next moment they're all combined into one problem of moving your feet fast enough.
No wonder I do it so often.

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