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The sight inside their room wouldn't have looked out of place in a laughably cheap horror movie, which made it even more jarring to witness in real life. Minnie and Mimmie were clutching each other on top of their dresser, screaming their pigtailed heads off. And on the floor, trying to get them, was Cupid Doll.

I told them that creepy thing would murder us in our sleep...

Cupid Doll was quite possibly the oldest, freakiest looking toy in existence. All the hair and color that had once upon a time made it look like a sweet little baby had been completely lost over the years, leaving behind a hunk of naked plastic. I still remember, when I was eight, begging my parents to get rid of it after having a nightmare where it had tried to drown me in the neighbor's goldfish pond. They wouldn't, and because of this, I now had to witness the sight of it walking around on its own two fat legs. Or... no, not really "walking", it still moved like a toy being played with, it just looked like whoever was playing with him was invisible.

"You see a small doll with a big red nose. For some reason, you don't trust this seemingly-innocent child's toy."
— Analysis of the "Mr. Nixon Doll" in Fallout 2

"My name is Talky Tina, and I don't think I like you."
The Twilight Zone, Episode 126, "Living Doll"

"A wind-up cymbal-clashing monkey. Sometimes, it moves even when not wound up. Spooky."

The previous owners of this doll would probably have some spine-chilling stories to tell.

You know, if they hadn’t disappeared without a trace.
— Item description of Haunted Doll, ForumWarz

"Obscene dolls bare their predatory eyeballs."
Gwen Harwood, "Lay-By"

"Get this thing out of my house. Please. Just take it.
Since I've recieved this god-forsaken thing, my husband has fallen down the stairs and broke his neck, my son has gotten hit by a bus, and my daughter has drowned in the bathtub. And.. oh god.. I swear it moves around the house. I've tried leaving it locked in a safe, and it will be out the next day. It wont burn. Cutting it has resulted in the amputation of both my arms.
— The Lost Doll's Item Log, Risk of Rain

Hey, did you know that dolls in the process of being made look like people in the process of being unmade?

Also, in the original supposed "TRUE STORY" this movie is based on, Annabelle was a raggedy ann doll, I get why they couldn't use that doll in this movie, but I feel like they went a little too far in the "creepy look" factor. This doll looks like it would only be purchased by someone that's hoping it will come to life and kill the shit out of their loved ones.
—Jeremy, CinemaSins, Everything Wrong With Annabelle.

It smells like unopened rooms. Somehow I keep thinking it's changing its shape when I don't look at it, but I never catch it in the act. [No-one will buy this.]
Description of the Threadbare Angel, Cultist Simulator


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