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"Hey daddy-o,
I don't wanna go,
Down to the basement;
There's somethin' down there."
The Ramones, "I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement"

The basement is, by far, the most dangerous area in the whole house. Monsters live in the walls down here, hiding in shadowy corners and especially behind the stairs. They can come up through the dirt floor to grab at anyone passing by. Giant spiders hang on webs near the ceiling and rats watch from the window sills. Trunks and boxes, stacked around, provide perfect hiding places and a labyrinth for lurking. One bare bulb lights the room, perpetually swinging, sending shadows running back and forth across the floor and walls. In one corner, the light does not reach. Here, the dirt floor falls away into a Bottomless Pit from which no one has ever returned. No indication warns the visitor; the pit appears as little more than a shadow on the floor. Step carefully.
Mage: The Ascension - The Book Of Worlds

The basement is dark, it is buried. It is a place full of cobwebs where memories are stored. A point of comparison, truly. Often the unnerving uncertainty that comes with considering the deeper aspects of the human psyche is not unlike gazing down at the swimming blackness pooled at the bottom of the basement stairwell. It is a place we spend our childhoods filling with monsters that will lay for years in patient silence. It is a place that, barring some specific errand, we seldom ever want to go.

Don't you open that trap door!
You're a fool if you dare!
Stay away from that trap door...
'cause there's something down there!
The Trap Door theme song


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