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    Anime & Manga 
"Don't know why but it bothers me. Every time I see [Kazuha] doing flirtatious things, I get annoyed and can't concentrate on my deductions. Why does it happen?"
Heiji Hattori to Conan Edogawa, Detective Conan

Naoki: Since that Kamogari fellow has shown up, I just feel strangely irritated every time I look at her [Kotoko].
Kinnosuke: You're...You really don't know.
Naoki: Know what?
Kinnosuke: You're just being jealous.

Tsubaki: By the way, it's been bothering me for a while now, but...
Ema: What?
Tsubaki: Isn't this scarf men's wear? Not only that, but the design is pretty in line with my tastes, too...It kind of ticks me off...

"Don't start blushing because he flirted with you!"
Livius to Nike about his Uncle Bardwin, The World is Still Beautiful

Yamato: Hayakawa.
Hayakawa: What?
Yamato: Did you say something to Mei?
Hayakawa: Yep. All I said is that she should be friends with me too. But she's such a drag. She just up and left. What a weirdo. What's wrong? Why do you even care? Plenty of girls want you. Who cares about that one?
Yamato: Fuck you! (punches Hayakawa and grabs him by the collar) Mei isn't just some girl! Mei is...Mei is mine. Listen, she's out of your league.

"Don't touch Shizuka." (punches Yamaken in the face)
Haru to Yamaken, My Little Monster

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 
"Hey guys, come quick! Jean's getting home with her date." Hank motioned from his location at the telescope. "Second week in a row." He trailed off a moment, staring through the eyepiece. "So that's Josh. They must be getting along fairly well, if they're going out for a second weekend."
Warren got to the telescope first. "So that's Dorkboy. I think he's really gotta go."
Hank took the telescope back from Warren. "Let’s see, letterman, three sports, band pin, I think — I can't really be sure about that one. Fairly tall, dark hair, and well built. I agree with Warren's assessment. Dorkboy's gotta go, my fine fellows."

Edward: (sarcastically) "Oh, I know the reason why our little princess is so popular."
Winry: "What are you-?" (cut off when Ed shoves a magazine in her face) Beat (eyes go wide in surprise) "Wait! Is this...Orihime?! When did Orihime become a model?!"
Alphonse: "What? Let me see..." (takes magazine from Winry) "Wow! It is her!"
(a short pause as they look through the magazine, most of them containing pictures of Orihime in different outfits)
Alphonse: "You know, Orihime does look very pretty."
Winry: "She really is cute in those dresses. Maybe she should take a permanent job in modeling. And even introduce me as well!"
Edward: (fuming) "No, no, no, no, no!" (snatches the magazine and angrily rips it to shreds) "No perverted guy is going to be looking at Orihime like that! The hell is she thinking?! Doing somethng so...provocative!"
(Winry and Al stare at Ed with skepticism)
Winry: "Provocative? She was just modeling, Ed."
Alphonse: "Don't you think you're overreacting just a little bit, brother?"
Edward: (steaming) "I am not overreacting, Al! I am perfectly reasonable! I mean, this is going to attract a lot of attention, especially from other guys!"
Winry: (slyly) "Oh! This isn't about Orihime modeling. This is about her receiving attention from men, attention you don't like."
Alphonse: (teasing his brother) "Brother... You wouldn't happen to be jealous, would you?"

    Films — Animation 
La Muerte: Yeah! That's my boy [Manolo]!
Xibalba: (in an annoyed tone) Ahem?
La Muerte: What?
Xibalba: (rolls his eyes)

    Films — Live-Action 
"Stay away from Patsey, boy!"
Edwin Epps, 12 Years a Slave

"Yes, this I must decide and put a stop to; I must express my view of it and my decision."
BUT EXPRESS WHAT? WHAT DECISION? the Face asked incessantly, and Alexei Alexandrovich had no ready reply.
"But after all," Alexei added, "what has occurred? Nothing."
Alexei hesitated. "Yes. Nothing. She was talking a long while with him. But what of that? Surely women in society can talk to whom they please. And then, jealousy means lowering both myself and her."
For some reason, Alexei remembered at this moment Sarkovich, the underling from his department who had made impertinent overtures to Anna. Alexei had not been jealous, for then - as now - he had considered the emotion beneath him. He next recalled, with a twinge of unease, how he had later found the man to be a Janus. Or rather, the Face - having performed unbidden the relevant set of analyses - had discovered the man was a spy for UnConSciya. Alexei Alexandrovich had announced his finding, and Sarkovich had been appropriately punished.
Android Karenina

Well, you know that I'm a wicked guy
And I was born with a jealous mind
And I can't spend my whole life
Trying just to make you toe the line

You better run for your life if you can, little girl
Hide your head in the sand little girl
Catch you with another man
That's the end of little girl
The Beatles, "Run for Your Life"

I judge by what she's wearing,
Just how many heads I'm tearing
Off of assholes coming on to her.
Each night seems like it's getting worse.
And I wish she'd take the night off,
So I don't have to fight off
Every asshole coming on to her.
It happens every night she works.

They'll go and ask the DJ;
Find out just what would she say
If they all tried coming on to her.
Don't they know it's never going to work?
They think they'll get inside her,
With every drink they buy her,
As they all try coming on to her.
This time somebody's getting hurt.

Here comes the next contestant!
Nickelback, "Next Contestant"

And I don't have the right
To ask where you go at night
But the waves hit my head
To think someone's in your bed

I get a little bit Genghis Khan
Don't want you to get it on
With nobody else but me
With nobody else but me
Miike Snow, "Genghis Khan"

Friday evening
The blood still on my hands
To think that she would leave me now
For that ungrateful man
Sole survivor
No witness to the crime
I must act fast to cover up
I think that there's still time
Dream Theater, "Scene Nine: Finally Free"

    Western Animation 
Gumball: (spying on Leslie and Penny with binoculars) You see, there's nothing going on. They're just eating lunch and chatting.
Darwin: What do you think they're saying?
Jealousy!Gumball: So how do you like my stupid pink petals and my fat yellow face (Leslie's lips are following the words) Oh, I'm so pleased you like it. I use it to steal GIRLS FROM PEOPLE!
Carrie: (appears and flips her hair) Who are you talking about?
Darwin: Gumball is jealous of Leslie.
Carrie: Leslie! why?
Jealousy!Gumball: Because he's trying to steal MY GIRL! (barges into the cafeteria, leaving Carrie and Darwin shocked)

"Deviant scoundrel!"
Hades going berserk on Cronus after Persephone exploited his jealousy, Class of the Titans, "Cronus Vanquished"

"I'll cut you a deal. I help you get rid of that D, and you never talk to Diane again."
Mr. Peanutbutter to BoJack, Bojack Horseman, "Our A-Story is a 'D' Story"

BoJack: I don't trust that guy. I bet he's seen Home Alone.
Wanda: BoJack, I'm starting to lose the thread of your character. You think you can drop the jealous boyfriend routine? It feels a little done.
Bojack Horseman, "Yesterdayland"

Anakin: Why didn't you just say no?
Padme: Say no? Why?
Anakin: I don't want you working with Clovis.
Padme: You don't want me working with him?
Anakin: A serpent can shed its skin, but it is still a serpent.
Padme: Well, you're just going to have to trust my judgment here.
Anakin: Like the last time, hmm? When you almost ended up dead? Or how about you just getting arrested, and it was me who had to bail you out?
Padme: The Chancellor has asked me to do this, Anakin.
Anakin: But I'm asking you to say no. As your husband, I demand that you tell the Chancellor you are stepping down.
Padme: Demand? We've been over this before. I'm not foolish enough to allow myself to be deceived twice, Anakin. My sole intentions are to defend the Republic. If you can't trust me...
Star Wars: The Clone Wars, "Rise of Clovis"


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