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Commander Murdoch: What have you found?
Officer: All I've found is that these red lights keep moving back and forth. Aside from that this thing seems to have no other function whatsoever, sir.
Dave: Er, Professor, why all the test tubes and flasks?
Madblood: It's not so many. Only enough to cover a workbench.
Dave: Yeah, but you're an engineer. You don't do anything that requires big glass containers.
Madblood: Mr. Davenport, I am a scientist. An evil engineer.
Dave: Sure, but why-
Madblood: I find this line of questioning obscene. What manner of mad scientist neglects his flasks of colored liquid? Next you'll question the Van de Graff generator in the middle of the room - and where will that leave us?

His laboratory was equipped with the sophisticated tools of modern science: Jacob's Ladders, Van De Graaf generators, bulky pilot-lit cabinets, poorly-adjusted Bunsen burners, retorts bubbling with sinister chemicals, murky jars holding mutant monstrosities, strung wires with bad insulation.
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space


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