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"Warren kept trying to do things mostly with Isabelle's scenes, because she was his girlfriend."
Phillip Schopper, film editor on Ishtar

"So, yes, she has a lovely face. We see it for minutes on end in Birds in Peru. Looking up at us, down at us, away, in profile, turning toward, blank, fearful, seductive, nihilistic. It would almost seem that the face was Romain Gary's reason for making the movie. So that with a camera he could worship the face of his wife. Alas, Gary and Miss Seberg did not get on well while the movie was being made, and shortly afterwards there was a divorce. Ah."
Roger Ebert on Birds in Peru (1969)

"Yes, Bo’s husband and yes, it is rather creepy when a husband and wife team up to make a movie in which the wife bares it all several times. Just wanted to clarify."
Ed Harris on director John Derek

"This was produced by Elizabeth Hurley’s short lived production company. It should also be noted Hurley and (Hugh) Grant had been together during that time. I suppose a rule of thumb should be don’t hire your hubby for your movies."
Miles Antwiler on Extreme Measures (1996)

"The fact that director Renny Harlin had married [Geena] Davis right before making the movie added a sort of dark twist to the whole thing."
Kate Dries, "Revisiting Cutthroat Island, the Feminist Pirate Movie That Failed"

"On the lines of defecating into the mouths of classics, it goes without saying that Len 'Give me a green-light, I’ll give you a two-star movie!' Wiseman’s Total Recall was another pointless exercise in bereft creativity, boredom, and lens-bloomed shots of his rubbish wife’s arse running down darkened hallways."

"Donnie and Jenny have truly hit the A&E jackpot, because Donnie Loves Jenny will spawn at least a couple future spin-offs! First comes Donnie Loves Jenny, then Donnie’s Starting To Get Real Tired Of Jenny’s Shit, followed by Donnie Realizes He’s Made A Terrible Mistake, which leads us to Donnie Hates Jenny, Marky Said This Would Happen, and Donnie Files For Divorce. Then in 2016, Jenny can campaign for her own Jenny-centric series: Jenny Loves Attention."''
Micheal K., "Jenny McCarthy And Donnie Wahlberg Got A Reality Show Because Of Course They Did"

"Love in Hollywood means you'd do anything for your sweetie. When you're the more famous/talented one, you get to feel good about lifting your partner up to your level. But you're also obliged to step down to their level when they ask. So you grit your teeth and star in their off-off-off-Broadway show, or jump on stage during their concert, or cheer when the camera pans to you in the stands during their basketball game. Julia Roberts dated Benjamin Bratt for a few years. Here's the proof."


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