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Constable-frozen is the only thing that transcends all tropes.

Idk why everyone’s groaning about Frozen getting a sequel. That only means more gifts to the world made by constable-frozen.

Here’s what we know about constable frozen:
-they have some kind of crush on Elsa
-they’re proficient with Photoshop
-thats it
-thats all we know

Constable Frozen is either a member of the Frozen fandom, a mastermind trying to conquer and destroy the Frozen fandom,or a mineral. No one is really sure which.

I keep forgetting that the constable-frozen blog is run by an actual person rather than some kind of high-tech bot that pumps out confusingly high quality photoshops of even more confusing ideas.

the fact that people outside of the frozen fandom know about constable frozen gives me life like we can all unite in our terror and confusion

My blog is not a fetish blog. I hate vore.

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