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Quotes / Conspicuous Gloves

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"In the first place," she said, "a real witch is certain always to be wearing gloves when you meet her."
"Surely not always," I said. "What about in the summer when it's hot?"
"Even in the summer," my grandmother said. "She has to. Do you want to know why?"
"Why?" I said.
"Because she doesn't have finger-nails. Instead of finger-nails, she has thin, curvy claws, like a cat, and she wears the gloves to hide them."

Fools would wonder why Lothar always wore gloves, and pitied that one so young should have rheumatic fingers. But in truth, the creature within had shown itself, and Lothar's long, clever fingers had grown sharp, curving talons. The first mark of Slaanesh had been made, and Lothar bore this blemish with misguided pride.

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