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"One death has already been attributed to the Glow Cloud. But listen, it's probably nothing. If we had to shut down the town for every mysterious event that at least one death could be attributed to, we'd never have time to do anything, right?"
Cecil Palmer, Welcome to Night Vale

Rin: [crying] This sucks.
Ran: Rin? It'll be okay. The headmaster of this school is taking care of it, remember?
Gin: She's right. Nobody here knows it was Tsukune who did this. They all think some rogue vampire came through, and that we took care of it.
Rin: I know. It's not that I'm sad about.
Kokoa: Then what are you crying for?
Rin: The fireworks show is cancelled now!
[beat as the others look at her and she's crying]
Yukari: That's what you're crying about? Not about other students being killed and the festival being ruined, but only because you won't see the fireworks?
Rin: [nods] I wanted to see them so badly. I was really looking forward to it. But now... I can't!
Ahakon: How can that be the only thing she's upset about? Tsukune's isolated in Paradise, Ruby and Ren are staying with him there until his bloodlust is taken care of, the festival is ruined, and there are dead bodies everywhere!
Ran: We've... seen a lot worse working for our old master.
[beat as everyone looks at Rin and Ran with concern]
Yukari: Oh... I see.

[After an extensive montage of the Flying Dutchman's scares and pranks]
Spongebob: Um, Dutchy... is this gonna be much longer?
Flying Dutchman: Why aren't ya freakin' out, lad?
Spongebob: Well, you've been here for a while and... well, I've seen all your tricks!
SpongeBob SquarePants, "Ghost Host"

Steven: I just wish we could've hung out more. I feel like I only get to see you when something horrible's going on.
Lapis Lazuli: That's just how it is with me.

Zack: [rolling down a hill on a large concrete pipe with Milo, screaming] Wait; why aren't you screaming!?!
Milo: I find it doesn't help. Just hurts the larynx.

Buffy took a deep breath as the Maid of Might flew them in for a swift landing. They touched ground by the doughnuted demons. The sight didn’t agree with Kara. She noticed that Buffy took it in a more businesslike manner.
“Sorry,” said Buffy. “In my line of work, you see this stuff more often.”
“I’m glad I don’t have your line of work,” said Supergirl. “Most of the time, that is.”

Lisa: (as she and Bart are watching Pinnitchio) I wonder if all this violence really does desensitize us.
(a Scratchy robot bursts through the screen and collapses. Its head bursts off, and fake blood starts shooting everywhere.)
Bart: Wanna get a snowcone?
Lisa: Okay.
The Simpsons, "Itchy And Scratchy Land"

"Steve writes, 'The sandstorm is clearly a cover-up. I believe this was a government-created project. Our government has long been participating in cloud-seeding experiments and trying to suppress the people with pharmaceuticals. I believe that this government will stop at nothing in order to-'... (Angrily) Now you listen here, Steve Carlsberg. You're not saying anything new, Steve. Of course the sandstorm was created by the government. The City Council announced that this morning. The government makes no secret that they can control the weather, and earthquakes, and monitor thoughts and activities. That's the stuff a big government is supposed to do. Obviously, you have never read the Constitution! Ok, sure, government can be very inefficient, and sometimes bloated and corrupt, but the answer is not to complain about everything they do. Without government, we would never have schools, or roads, or municipal utilities, or helpful pandemics, or black vans that roam our neighbourhoods at night keeping us safe. So please, Steve Carlsberg, I've had enough of your government-bashing."
Cecil Palmer, Welcome to Night Vale

Delivery Guy: AHHHHHHH! Why would you show this to me?! Oh, I'm too high to see this! There's blood on the fish! On the fish!
(Cut to Delivery Guy breathing into a bag)
Jake: (sighs) I always forget how weirdly numb to horrific things we are. You think it affects our souls and the relationships we build with others?
Rosa: For sure.
Jake: Huh.

"My entire life has been a 'time like this', Moon. You learn to enjoy these moments."
Eclipsa Butterfly, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, "The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse"


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