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Holden: Daubeny! Daubeny, show yourself! These men don't have to die. Trial by combat, right now!
Holden: Then fight my second.
It was a question of honor.
If instead Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis had faced each other with pistols at Bladensburg(traditional politician's dueling ground), there's half a million lives saved right there, maybe minus one, and quite a lot of money.
Gentleman's Blood: A History of Dueling by Barbara Holland.

Zol-Am: With your death, the new era begins. Soldiers, destroy the guerillas. We’ll see which of us gets finished first.
Supergirl: Hold! Zol-Am... Personal Combat Challenge.
Random Demon: Say what?
Buffy: What’re you talking about?
Zol-Am: No combat till we have this sorted out. It is our law.
Random Vampire: Sir, beggin’ your pardon, but is this really a decision you wanna go through with? I mean, that’s just not the way things are done down here.
Supergirl: Let me explain, for those of you who weren’t born where we were. The Personal Combat Challenge is a form of military conduct that was implemented on Krypton. It allows a soldier to make a challenge to another soldier, regarding personal battle. If the challenge is accepted, nobody else can interfere in the fight. I’m challenging Zol-Am right here, right now. The rest of you, back off. Nobody on my side or your side will fight till we’re done. If your commander is too scared to face me one-on-one, I’ll understand.

Wonder Woman: One there is who has not joined the battle. The one who proclaims herself your greatest ally. She, whose lust for my death is matched only by your own. She, who has not suffered the battering I have today and earlier, at her own hands. I challenge her to single combat. Upon the outcome of which our lives—and those of my mother, daughter, and Kara, and the people of Earth—will depend. Only stay the men from fighting me or my allies. That is what I propose.
Badra: You are insane, Amazon. Mars has no need to make bargains with you. You have no power here...
Mars: Silence. Since the days of the great war on your sphere, Amazon, you have frustrated me. With the power of Conquest, Greed, and Deception I opposed you and Aphrodite's other whores. Yet did you frustrate me. And, though my work on Earth has prospered in various places... though your ‘peace' has been shattered across your world, time and again... the nation in which you dwell has remained unconquered, and untyrannic. This has caused me pain. Great pain. I will allow you this much. I will allow my agent to battle you, should she wish to do so. I will keep both my allies and yours separate from both of you. But I make no bargains about the reward. All that will be done is to give you a chance to revenge yourself on your tormentress... to allow her a chance to kill you... and to afford myself a better spectacle. Well? What say you?

Glynix: We must hurry, Supergirl! If we're not inside the circle of combat by the time the contest is to begin, the aggressor's champion will win by default!
Supergirl: Contest?
Glynix: Yes, a contest to determine whether my mate and I continue to rule the planet, or the aggressor named Zogg gains the throne! The League of Galaxies long ago decreed that anyone who wishes to replace another ruler cannot do so by waging war... He must select a single warrior... and my mate and I must do the same...
Adventure Comics #412

Mata Nui: You Agori have your warriors fight...for sport?
Metus: Not "sport", problem-solving! Much more honorable than slaying each other, and considerably more profitable. *(notices Mata Nui's look)* Err...not that I care for that sort of thing...


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