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Quotes / Clue, Evidence, and a Smoking Gun

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"I don't quite understand you, dear boy."
Snape did not inform Dumbledore that he had long ago twigged to the fact that "dear boy," was Dumbledore's "tell:" the proof positive that he was evading or obfuscating or outright lying. It was too useful to give away. He simply said, "The stammer? [Quirrell] never had one before."
"I believe his experiences in the Balkans were stressful."
"The purple turban?"
"An amusing souvenir."
"The pervasive odor of garlic?"
"A lingering dread of vampires."
Snape drilled Dumbledore with a gimlet stare. "And what about the fact that not ten seconds after meeting him, Harry screamed with pain, clutched at his scar, and fainted?"
"Oh, dear."

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