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He had ... a staff of nurses and other female acolytes who were all permanently aflutter over his brillantness and followed him around steering him away from large obstacles and reminding him to eat lunch.

The secondary character is the Straight Man, whose job it is to play comic foil to the other character's bullshit and inexplicably tolerate his behavior when any sane person would be checking the "rooms to rent" pages with one hand and slamming the idiot's face in a drawer with the other.
Yahtzee does not care for this trope, Webcomics

Mary Stuart: [On Gladstone] We've got him housebroken again, dressing again, writing and lecturing again, mostly comprehensibly.
Catherine Stuart: Of course he's not permitted to leave. It is a shame. He's like a caged bird in here. A shabby, flightless thing with a hairy beak that stinks of sherry.
Mary Stuart: A bird who licks cane toads and must be gently, but firmly, reminded to wear pants.

Zay: Wow, yours is really something.
Maya: She a lotta work.
Zay: What happens to her when you're home sick?
Maya: Oh, I can never get sick.
—"Girl Meets the Secret of Life", Girl Meets World

Obyron served as Zahndrekh's vargard in their very first campaign - an undignified but hugely successful series of skirmishes in the swamps of Yarma - and has stood steadfast by his side ever since, both on the battlefield and off it. Unlike his master, Obyron is very much aware of the changes wrought upon their existence, but has long since abandoned any attempt to awaken Zhandrekh to reality - whatever the fault in his master's mind, the damage lies too deep. So, like any dedicated servant, Obyron attends to all the loose ends created by Zahndrekh's eccentricities, chief of which are seeing to it that 'honoured' prisoners of war are 'killed whilst trying to escape,' and that upstart Lords of the Royal Court are either silenced or disposed of.
Warhammer 40,000: Codex - Necrons (5th ed)

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