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"Rod Stewart, the aging rock star who can't stop wondering whether we think he's sexy (nope), revealed a few years ago that he's into building model trains...According to the National Model Railroad Association of America, his official title is 'Master Model Railroader.' There aren't a lot of photos of Stewart's kinda terrifying mini world because he doesn't open his doors to most film crews. He shows the train set only to a single magazine called Model Railroader, which he, no shit, refers to as 'better than Rolling Stone.' Clearly, Stewart needs to be introduced to SimCity before his train set ends up covering most of North America and nothing remains that isn't stuck together with super glue."
Cracked, "8 Celebrities Who Are Great at the Last Thing You'd Expect"

Chazz: Kayla, there's something I gotta tell ya. I was a geek in high school. (the crowd gasps) I had really short hair. I played Dungeons & Dragons, I had a bug collection, I ate my boogers. My name's not Chazz; it's Chester, and I understand if you don't love me anymore.
Rocker 1: I played D&D too!
Lemmy: I was editor of the school magazine!
Rocker 2: I used to wear corduroy pants!


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