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Quotes / Clones Are People, Too

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Anime & Manga

Misaka 10032: Misaka cannot comprehend your actions...if the right materials and drugs are available, Misaka can be automatically created with the push of a artificial artificial mind...each unit is 180,000 yen, with as many as 9,968 left in storage. Yet, for something like that...
Touma: That doesn't matter. That your body's artificial...that your mind's artificial...that you can be made with the push of a button...small things like that aren't even interesting. There's only one you in this world, and I'm here to help you. So don't go dying by yourself.

Fate: An artificial life form that isn't a familiar or a human... Is that something like me?
Lindy: No, it's not! Fate just had a slightly different way of being born. You are a human who was properly granted life into this world.

"No matter how you were born, the Vivio that's there crying isn't a fake or something that was merely created. She's the spoiled girl who cries all the time and can't even get up on her own when she trips. The girl who hates her green peppers, the girl who pats me on the head when I'm lonely. My beloved Vivio."

Comic Books

Mooney: Last week, four of our experiments—
Laura: Four people.
Mooney: I'm sorry?
Laura: Your experiments are people.
Mooney: I wouldn't call them that.
Laura: Start calling them that if you want my help.

"I'm not a thing! I'm Laura Kinney. I'm the daughter of Sarah! I'm the daughter of Logan! I'M WOLVERINE!"

Fan Works

"Rei, you being a clone is like... the third weirdest thing at NERV, at best. And you know we love you. You’re still our Rei."
Asuka, Advice and Trust


"The whole epic rampage of revenge? Isabel Lovelace wouldn't do that. The terrible wretch that you people made Isabel Lovelace into? Oh, she'd do that. But I'm not going to be that person anymore. I'm going to be Isabel Lovelace, again. Even if I never have been before."
Lovelace, Wolf 359

Web Original

And lo, Fate's origin story is revealed. And, upon learning that the girl in their midst is no natural child born of woman, but a creation of science; unnatural and unholy... the rest of the cast is primarily concerned with this NOT being a good way to tell her, and how badly she's been hurt. Because in this franchise, all sentients are people, dammit, and deserving of respect.


Ellen: Really. The spontaneous creation of a female clone with all your memories. That was simple.
Elliot: "She's family. Help her." Not that complicated.


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