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"Hey guys, your boy Ozymandias here with a new work for ye all to look on. Don't forget to Like, Comment, and Despair!"

Writer: Okay, I got the headline, "Pedro Pascal joins Wonder Woman 2."
Editor: No, no, no, you gotta tickle their balls a little bit!
Writer: Uhhh... okay. "Game of Thrones actor joins Wonder W—"
Editor: Ehhh...
Writer: Superhero film?
Editor: Tickle them more!
Writer: Actor joins film?!
Editor: How about this: "YOU WON'T BELIEVE actor joins film!"
Writer: Why wouldn't they believe an actor joined a film?
Editor: Ah! Wait! "YOU WON'T BELIEVE."
Writer: "You won't believe?" Won't believe wh—that-that doesn't mean anything! Why would... and eighty thousand people shared it on Facebook.
Random Facebook user: I mean, it said I wouldn't believe it.
ProZD, "clickbait"

Thirteen years later, Chris Chibnall has a crack at establishing his vision of Who. It opens with Ryan Sinclair vlogging on his YouTube channel. Finally, a Doctor Who companion that I can relate to - a humble British Youtuber. But bro, what kind of Youtubing are you doing? RyanS? What kind of terrible name is that? You need to work on your branding, you just uploaded a video called "Hey"? You could have made that a lot more clickbait. How about "MY NAN FELL OFF A CRANE AND DIED - STORYTIME/IPHONE GIVEAWAY". THAT would get you views.
— Nit Pix, "Why Doctor Who is a Mess"

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