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welcome to the city of
"no surprises here"
—Water Tower, here.

We've reopened trade with Magic World, and customs is making sure none of the items are cursed! Or at least have antidotes. Don't worry, Mrs. Davis, you won't have to keep your son in the fish-tank for long!
Mayor Rabbit, here.

A.V.: You think a little tailwhipping would rid you of me? Bring it on, you subnormal simpleton! You deficient dotterel! You think you're a Tyrannosaurus Rex? More like a Tyrannosaurus Follis!
Todo: Dunno bout the dinosaur, but she's making me feel dumb.

Well, shoot. This is the first time I've lost a... mentoree? Guess I should say a few words. Oh, A.V. Poor, poor A.V. You've taught your mentor more than you'll ever know. Such as... I really need a dictionary.
Todo, after A.V. gets eaten by a giant dinosaur, here.

Hawk's Catchphrase (first seen here)

A.V: What's so wrong wtih perfection?
Hawk: Not perfection, but perfect people... like Todo... He makes the rest of us look like chumps.
A.V: (Looks at reflection) I dunno, I look the same to me.
Hawk: Guess it doen't work if you already look like one.
A.V: Ha! Nice! (Suddenly serious) But make fun of my looks again, and I'll poke every one of your 60,000 eyes out, pari passu, with an ice pick.

A.V: People [here] just... get along. They're nice, and friendly... It's totally nonjudgmental, and accepting... It's pretty cool.
Victor: Yeak, I suppose so.
A.V: I was glad to be here already, but now, I'm ecstatic! Nothing can get me down.
A.V: Excuse me. I need to eviscerate someone.

Right, right, calm, right... Pretend it's not urgent for half a breath... Okay, so...
We're all gonna die.
—Froggy, here

Hawk: You think... if I work hard enough, I'll be able to at least beat Victor in a fight?
Todo: Well... Maybe when he's really old, and completely bedridden... And at least one, or two of his arms were cut off... And if you had a trained pet Giant Dinosaur... And if you snuck up on him from behind... And if he let you have a free first hit. Or twelve.
Hawk: We emphasize the Dragon in 'Dragonfly' and you emphasize the Harsh in 'Harsh Truth'.
Todo: Naw, Truth always emphasizes itself.

Victor: You... you bought a Zombie Shark for a pet?
Hawk: Isn't it cool! And you don't even feed it the whole mouse - just its brain!
A.V.: Still gross, Hawk!

No story can exist without conflict. Danger. Suffering.
Few really want such things in reality.
But... We're not on Reality anymore, are we?
C'mon... Let's have some fun.
Heh. Heh heh.
The Device, in the narration for the cover page of Chapter 5-2.

I may be an Illusionist, but I don't like hiding what I do. The true test of character is what you'll do when no one is watching.
Stripe, here.

My something-I-didn't-have-before hurts... A lot.
Hawk, newly turned human (and stark naked, though with Scenery Censor), here.

She was petty and cruel and powerful. Cross her path and you lost your life. More than your life. Your mind, your memories, your body, your life, your sanity, your soul...
Danny, on Hinto Ama, here.

Robber Will: Oh Yeah? Well what kind of Realist are you!
Didly: The kind that knows that there exists people like you. And someone who needs to become worse than you to beat you.

You're trying to prove human goodness with a single individual apology? One apology over everything that's fucking wrong with this city? The serial killers? Hinto Ama? The frikkin' self obsessed Hierarchy? Murder? Death? ...The stinky old ladies that can't drive but drive anyway?
Lady, here.

Time to stop worrying if this world is worth saving - And save it!
Todo, same page as above.

Todo: Great, so I'm naive, a bad leader, and selfish to boot.
A.V.: Yeah! What a great start to our session!

A.V.: Instead of wallowing in self pity, you're finally looking for support, and we're here for you!
Todo: Thanks... But right now... I don't feel like I deserve it.
Todo: Holy crap, did that sound as melodramatic as I think it did?
A.V.: Yes. Unbearably so.

Danny: Ma'am! Please, you'll get hurt up there!
Manumitor: At least do us a favor and fall, if you won't stop screaming.

Young Lady: My life's not perfect, but it's mine! Please, don't change me!
Manumitor: [Under breath] God, what a girl. [To lady] We're not here for you, ma'am!
Young Lady: Noooooo.... Wait, what?

A.V.: [Dramatically] Gah! Catching a bullet with my chest has turned out to be a very flawed plan! Blarggheer! Gii- Gaahhkvurt! BLEHHHH!
Hawk: Wow! Drawing from real life experience has helped improve her acting ability from terrible to mediocre!
Todo: Ahh, so to make her actually good, all we have to do is shoot her a few more times!
A.V.: A pox on you both!

Enough games.
Let's administer some justice.
Judge Rogers, right before he gets his butt kicked, here.

Judge Rogers: Alright, that's it... No more Mr. Nice Guy...
Todo: Mr. Nice Guy isn't going anywhere.
—Starts on this comic.

Didly: Hey Todo. What'd Rabbit think of your plan?
Todo: That it was risky. Unpredictable. Showed no obvious or immediate benefits for Reality.
Didly: He approved, didn't he.

Robber Will: Yawn. Is Hawk not here? I didn't just bring my A-Game to a pity party, did I?
Granger: The Machine can take on anything that this world has to offer.
Robber Will: You know, the thing about machines, when they run into something they're not built for... they break. *boom*
This comic, just before Robber Will releases the granddaddy of all distractions.

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