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"Across the world, prodigies are manifesting earlier and stronger than ever before: Carter was psychokinetic at birth. Her parents quickly learned to avoid metal nursery furniture. Exposure to the Island and its... checkered magical history has only amplified her abilities: from the age of twelve, she could shift laboratory animals into other dimensions! I intended to work on protecting them from explosive decompression at the point of return, but those lessons have been on hiatus since that regrettable zoo outing last year."
Headmaster Hayden Montag, The Secret World

Most Orphans Awaken as adolescents. A few, however, are born Awake - or just never go to Sleep. Indeed, there are those who believe that all babies are Awakened, and its only after some time in the world that they go to Sleep. People spend their lives trying to realize things with the clarity and simplicity that they did as children. A few children never forget.
Mage: The Ascension - Book Of Shadows

Rincewind had heard quite a lot about the power of the sourcerer, the staff of the sourcerer, the wickedness of the sourcerer and so on. The one thing no one had mentioned was the age of the sourcerer.

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