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"To reverse anything, understand everything."
- The Alchemist

"The blindfold takes sight, but grants vision."
- The Antimage

"I brought a bow to a sword fight."
- The Archer

"I'll fight anyone, anything, any time. Except Dragons. I'm not that crazy."
- The Berserker

"I'm going to need a bigger shield..."
- The Crusader

"Passages of the tangled forest choose your path, and ultimately your fate."
- The Dryad

"I didn't bring a weapon because everyone else has one, and yours are now broken."
- The Enchantress

"Stop right there enemy scum."
- The Frostmage

"They will attack from all around us, we will attack all around us."
- The Legionary

"Even in defeat my power is known."
- The Lich

"My beauty is not a lie; your allegiance is the lie."
- Lilith

"Behold my undead legion."
- The Necromancer

"Your walls are not walls."
- The Ninja

"I'm harmless."
- The Summoner

"Magic is useless if you're dead."
- The Warrior

"This seems like a suicide mission."
- The Pawn

"Do not underestimate me."
- The Princess

"The fire element is mine to command, not even a Phoenix can touch me."
- The Pyromancer

"In a split second, everything can change."
- The Samurai

"In my grasp, not even death can save you."
- The Soulkeeper

"Sometimes a good defense is the best offense."
- The Wisp

"From darkness I will rise."
- The Vampire

"If you think you're really fighting me, just wait and see."
- The Wizard

"Need a lift?"
- The Windmage

"Circles are made for running."
- The Ranger

"My light shall guide you through the darkest of paths."
- The Valkyrie

"You look exhausted, just go to sleep."
- The Poisonmage

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