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"Sometimes you run into some weird surprises when you read the first appearances of old characters for the first time. It never would have occurred to me that the Mad Thinker got his start working with the mob. He tells the various mob gangs that he is going to take them over, but you get the impression that he is stringing them along. They've been using him to develop strategies to rob banks, but now he's decided he's going to take over New York City and declare it an independent country, with himself as the King. I've always liked the Mad Thinker because he's not really the out for self-gain; he just does what he does for the mental challenge, so it's interesting to see him here in his first appearance doing something for what appears to be personal gain."

"During the first few years of the comic, I didn't have Dr. Light swear like the rest of the characters in the comic, figuring he was too refined for that. Instead, he'd either use a more acceptable word in place of the swear word, a euphemism, or he'd simply use a more scientifically accurate word. Darn instead of damn, feces instead of shit, that sort of thing. Over time, though, as he started drinking more and his personality shifted from that of a kindly old scientist to a crotchety old man, I moved away from this idea and Dr. Light's vocabulary became rather explicit. I suppose some people might see that as a bad thing, but I personally think Dr. Light got funnier the more ornery he became."


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