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Janeway puts her hands on her hips. She tosses her hair. She rolls her eyes, then focuses them like a laser on an unsuspecting crewman, who spontaneously combusts from the level-ten skunk eye. She turns up her nose. She smiles with a purity that makes hearts melt. She strokes, pats, pounds and otherwise touches every officer and alien within reach as she speaks with them. A monstrous mug of coffee beams into her grip, and she takes a swig that measures on the Richter scale. Of all the well-known, catalogued, indexed and cross-referenced Janeway Gestures to point out, they picked one we've never noticed before?
Jim Wright review of Star Trek: Voyager episode "Dark Frontier"

Lor: Ugh! Now, he's going to do his worry thing.
Tino: I don't do a "worry thing". Do I do a "worry thing"?
Lor: Trembling fingers, wrinkly forehead, rabbit mouth. Like this. (proceeds to do Tino's worry thing)
(Tino doing the "worry thing")
The Weekenders, "Murph"

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