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"I highly recommend that those who where able to track down and play a copy of this game, really should do so. With a story by the original manga author and original soudtrack by the anime's composer, this is exactly how you should do a licensed game, and I'm surprised not many others followed this game's example. If you're a Berserk fan this is a must find and a must play. Yes, I am aware I just spoiled the entire story for you, get over it."

Join: Mountain Dew Slurpees are exactly the same as regular Mountain Dew except they are frozen The End. IS THAT BETTER PHELOUS!
"Allow me to save you some time and sum up every single episode of Ghost Hunters you will ever watch: The group heads up to a random haunted location with a briefing of what's supposedly going on there. Once they reach the location the caretaker of that location will give then a extensive briefing on what's been going on. They will go around setting up cameras in all the 'hotspots' and shut the lights off. Cue 15-to-20 minutes of people talking to themselves and knocking on furniture in night-vision. The lights come back on, the gear is taken down, the 'footage' is analyzed. Then we get to see various clips of barely-visible-shit moving or creepy-yet-hard-to-hear audio clips of voices saying things that usually make no contextual sense. Oh, and it's a hour-long show, so they do this twice."
— Paranormal State review

"The only reason people aren't more angry at NC Soft is because Nexon still exists."
— MMO Underground 27


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