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Quotes / Celebrity Paradox

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"Our saga begins with Mario and Luigi finding out that World Famous Wrestler Lou Albano is missing...Mario is quite distraught because according to him, Captain Lou was the nicest guy in the world. I really hope at the end Lou shows up and says that Mario is the nicest guy in the world."

"It may not bother us very much that Walford East can't actually been found on the London Tube map, but it would bother us a great deal if the regulars at the Queen Vic sat down to watch EastEnders at 7.30 on Friday night. What do they watch? Come to that, which soap-stars do the gossip-columnists go on and on about? Presumably, in the Endersverse, the BBC didn't launch a successful twice-weekly soap in 1985. In which case they didn't need to divert cash from other projects to the new show. Ergo, Season 23 was not postponed, Trial of a Time Lord never happened, Colin Baker was never sacked, Doctor Who was never canceled and someone other than David Tennant is very probably the 17th Doctor in Season 45."

"Mike Myers just made a cameo as himself in a movie where he plays the title character! How the hell does that even work?!"

Looks are everything. Do you think Ryan Reynolds got this far on his superior acting method alone?
Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds


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