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Quotes / Cave Behind the Falls

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"Hey! Look at that waterfall! I wonder if there's a cave behind it. You should always check behind waterfalls for caves."
Li Li Stormstout, World of Warcraft

Old Man, The Legend of Zelda

"I swore I saw something... Behind that rushing water..."
Echo Flower near the falls, Undertale

"Every game, there's something behind the waterfall. Or there should be. And this game does not have that, so far. You have to hide a secret behind the waterfall. I don't care what game you are; even if you're a space game, have a waterfall, hide something behind it. As a gamer, my instincts tell me to do that, and I'm satisfied when I'm right."

Prompto: The legend says to look behind the waterfall.
Ignis: What does the waterfall say?
Prompto: I think it says, "Come in."
"There must be cave behind it... Why is their always a Cave behind every waterfall..."
Darcy, Winx Club


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