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Mrs. Brisby: Owls eat mice!
Jeremy: Uh... only after dark.

"Now I wanna remind everyone of the House of Mouse rules: No smoking, no villainous schemes, and no guests eating other guests."
Mickey Mouse, House of Mouse

"I'm not a crook! I'm the last honest man in Bikini Bottom! We're all animals, boys and girls; eating each other is what nature intended!"
Mr Krabs, Robot Chicken (after it's revealed "Krabby Patties" are a literal name)

"Stop eating our young!"
Lrrr, Futurama

"We weep for a bird's cry, but not for a fish's blood; blessed are those with a voice."

Jon: I hate movies about man-eating lions. How can an animal possibly prey on an innocent victim?
Garfield: Explain that to the chicken you had for dinner.

[GG is in the kitchen, making a turkey sandwich.]
Wren: [Wren sniffs the air.] Is that... turke... [He blinks in horror.] Oh, god.
Falkina: [Falkina dashes into the kitchen] YOU! BASTARD! STOP! COOKING! BIRDS! [Falkina most likely pummels GG... or fails]
Wren: [Wren sweatdrops] ...He's a harpy. It's only natural he doesn't react too well when you decide to cook birds/fowls/avians... etc.
[GG sidesteps Falkina.]
GG: Not! My! Problem! Do you see me complaining about people eating humans? No? So shut the hell up.

Mr. Muffin: Hey Joey! You wanna eat me?
Joey: No thanks, Mr. Muffin.
Mr. Muffin: [cheerfully] But I wanna die!

Pig: Were you ever thrown out of a club?
Rat: Plenty, why?
Pig: Because that "Society of Cultured Pigs" group just booted me.
Rat: They got word of the bacon thing, huh?
Pig: But BL Ts taste so darn good.
Rat: They're too judgmental.

They serve fish in kitchen. Also, fish are guests on boat. Mafia try not to think about this.
Mafia member, A Hat in Time

Danny: It’s always strange when the Muppets talk about eating animals; it makes you realize that the show takes place in a universe where everything talks. Even the vegetables talk. How could you ever eat anything? They must live on jellybeans or something.
Kynan: Don’t eat the Muppet jellybeans! Noooo! Not Purple Paul!
This ToughPigs review of A Muppet Family Christmas

"Do you think it's weird that I like seafood? Since, if you think about it, technically I'M seafood?"
Marina, an octopus villager in Animal Crossing: Wild World

Gwen: I can't believe you—I can't believe this...
Spider-Ham [While he's eating a corn dog] How come no one told me how amazing corn dogs are?
Gwen: That's—Can you please not do that? Look, I know you're imaginary and that's some kind of horrible metaphor, but it's still cannibalism.
Spider-Ham: No, I'm a cartoon. Cannibalism would be if I ate a Porky Pig.
Spider-Gwen Vol. 2 #2

"Hey... Hey, I'm gonna eat your innards... AT LEAST GET A LITTLE INDIGNANT?"
Grape Jelly Sandwich, toward a random barnyard cow, Housepets!

McDonald's Chorus: By the time this day ends, this one should do nicely. 'Cuz a bird on the grill, is worth more than two in the hat.
Birdie: You are supposed to be a friend to all in McDonaldland!
Ronald McDonald: You are a food that I serve fried to billions worldwide. So... you had to see this coming.

"They're far too expensive for my taste! But even if I were that rich, I don't think I would. I think I'd feel guilty... I mean, they're supposed to hatch into Neopets. It's a bit like cannibalism when you think about it."
Greg Meeka, Neopets, here.

''"A chicken eating chicken? That's just sick."
Will Smith points out the Fridge Logic of a chicken mascot for a fried chicken restaurant, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'

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