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Ben: But for next time, we've got Green Arrow vs...
Chad: If you wanna find out just over to our social me—oh who am I kidding, it's Hawkeye. You know it's Hawkeye. If it weren't Hawkeye, that would just be ridiculous.

"Holy shit, I think Marty might be the killer!"
Brandon each time some obvious foreshadowing is thrown in his review of Slaughter High

Yami: ATLANTIS! It makes perfect sense!
Kaiba: Wait, didn't we know about Atlantis this whole time? Isn't that why you guys wanted to check out the museum in the first place? How is this new information in any way?
Yami: Kaiba, sometimes I just like to blow off steam by reacting to obvious statements that everyone already knew about as though they were massive plot twists. Why don't you give it a whirl?
Kaiba: Ok, I guess it could be fun. Hang on... that insignia on the carvings... it's the same insignia used by the secret Illuminati style organization that bought out my company!
Yami: I thought Dartz was the one who did that...
Kaiba: And now I'm going to reveal who is in charge of that organization!
Yami: I mean it's obviously going to be Dartz.
Kaiba: Oh no! Yugi! The man in charge of the organization that has taken over my company...IT'S DARTZ! I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT A TWIST THIS IS!
Kaiba: Too much?
Yami: Way too much.

Chester A. Bum: So everybody in the movie is like "Who could the big bad wolf be?" And the movie's like...
The Movie (mimicked by Bum): (mysteriously) Maybe it's the grandmother...
Chester A. Bum: So obviously it's not the grandmother. And then the movie's like...
The Movie: Maybe it's the boyfriend...
Chester A. Bum: So obviously it's not the boyfriend. And then the movie's like...
The Movie: It could be anybody except the one person we haven't said it could be yet...
The Movie: Oh, poo, how'd you guess?

"[The Engineer] has clearly been taken over by the intelligence behind those robots - AKA Brainiac. Look, I get that they were trying to go for a big reveal, but that's Brainiac’s symbol! By this point in The DCU, New 52 or not, the three circles connected like that are Brainiac's symbol! It’s like sticking a bat-logo on everything and then being shocked that Batman is behind it!"

"My God... that dinosaur that looks like a raptor, acts like a raptor, sounds like a raptor and moves like a raptor... I think it's part raptor!"
—The Nostalgia Critic's take on the "twist" in Jurassic World

Lex Luthor: Hello, my dear.
Lois Lane: Aha! I knew it! Through my journalistic skills, I figured out it was you, thus completing my essential role to this film.
Lex: Oh, you figured out that Lex Luthor was the bad guy, huh? Real brainscratcher there. Nobody else would've figured that one out. [Lois's smile starts to fade] You really solidified yourself as a necessity there. You know what I was doing while you were figuring out that incredible info? Figured out who Superman was, figured out who Batman was, and I planned two kidnappings to take place on the night that he was planning to finish him off. [He looks behind him and the Bat Signal comes on] See? See? There you go. And you know what the best part is? I did all of that off-screen! So even I don't know how I did all this impossible shit!
Lois: Um...
[Lex puts on a very familiar jacket.]
Lex: Phew, is it chilly up here or is that just the cold uselessness of your character?
The Nostalgia Critic, "Batman v. Superman"

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